Who is Jesus?

This is the question of the day, more relevant than Brexit, Trump, Putin or International Trade Deals. The answer lies in the question. No who was, or who will be BUT who IS?

For many people over the ages, Jesus did not exist, for some, he was real but was not crucified, for a few he lived, was crucified, but did not rise from the dead. For examples Muslems accept that Jesus was a historical person but they cannot accept that he was crucified and risen. Their argument against this is that the disciples of Jesus (apparently in collaboration with the Roman Authorities) used a ‘stand-in’ for the crucifixion and also that God is one and could not also be the son! Atheists and Humanists together with Moslems, Hindu’s and Sikhs don’t accept that Jesus was or is God. Instead they have invented other deities, from man himself to animals and inanimate objects.

The truth is, Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the World, He is uniquely God’s Son and God (human and divine). He is the crucified and risen God who died as a once and for all sacrifice to atone for the sin of man, but also to show God’s Sovereignty over sickness, disease and death. Jesus Christ lived as a man, there is no argument from historical records and the Bible about his birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection. He is the living God and he is alive. He lives forever because he is the eternal God. He is coming again very soon for his church (referred to in the Bible as the Bride of Christ), and then he is coming back to earth to Jerusalem to defeat satan, save His people Israel and rule and reign for a thousand years. After this he will judge the living and the dead and opened up heaven to all who believe in him and love him.

Who is Jesus, well he is the source of everything good. He is our hope and joy our peace and provider. He is was and is and will ever be God. He is unchanging in his love for you, his salvation is free and undeserved and his kingdom knows no end. Who is Jesus? He is the one who speaks to you today and offers you both forgiveness and eternal life. You know him by believing that he died in your place and by repenting of your sin and asking him into your life. 

If you really want a new begining and yo turn your life around, pray this prayer:

Lord Jesus Christ I believe that you are the only true God and my Saviour. I thank you for dying in my place. I repent of my sin and turn away from it and turn to you. Please forgive me and come and live in my heart and fill me with your Spirit. Amen

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