What Comes After Corona

Here at The Way, we beleive that Post Corona we have to adjust to a 'New Abnormal' - When will these things be? Well, we expect to see these things over the next three years, 2021,22,23 and then accelerate toward 2030.

So what will this 'New Abnormal' look like? 

  • Civil unrest,
  • War,
  • Social credit scores,
  • Digital currency, 
  • Taxes and fines taken at source,
  • Mobile tracking,
  • The never-ending 5G role out,
  • Vaccine with nano chip elements,
  • Followed by "If you have no vaccine,? Then, no travel, now work, no hope." 
  • Maybe a  more global government structure,
  • Militarised police,
  • Everything will be taxed on usage, EVERYTHING. 
  • The majority of people will require financial assistance at the cost of any freedoms. Most small to mid sized companies and the big ones not in correct club with not survive.
  • The big corporations, already bailed out will get the rich pickings of what’s left.
  • Alexa will plot behind your back with the fridge,
  • A.I. will be a judge and still not be able to speak in an accent that’s at all correct.
  • Mandatory vaccines,
  • Covid-19 immunity passports,
  • Cashless society,
  • More government intrusion and limits on purchases.
  • The world will never be the same. resist RESIST RESIST RESIST
  • We think the virus is the least of anyones concern!
    • Apart from all this, the futiue is Rosy.

On these pages, we shall be presenting to the church, what we expect to be 'The New Normal' & How we can prepare to meet it an to survie and to thrive in it.

So, WATCH OUT for all the links you need, appearing right here in the days to come.


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