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Created on: 24th March 2020

The next event-stage world-wide RESET is all over us like the CCP, Wuhan, 2019 Novel Corona Virus, COVID-19, and the worst is yet to come. Yes,  ‘Ugly’ is coming, selfish, brash and bouncy, like a Pantomime Dame on PHP.


As the world-wide reported kill rate of the CCP, Wuhan, 2019 Novel Corona Virus, COVID-19, doubles every four days, be assured that when this weaponized virus (some say,) which is as contagious as Ebola and 30 times more deadly than the flu, begins to swing its scythe which bears the WHO current kill rate percentages of  3.0-3.4%, then  the world-wide projected number of deaths are beyond comprehension.

Indeed, if the current mathematical trajectory carries on, then by the end of May, yes May, there could be over 400 million dead!  If it does carry on like this, and the hammer fails to beat down the curve,  then God help us all. How do you like your ‘Georgia Guide Stones’ now. 


Last night, I dreamed a dream

Yes, as I walked through the wilderness of this world, I came upon a certain place (The Cairngorms) where there was a cave, and I lay down in that place to sleep; and as I slept I dreamed a dream where I wrote….. 



Good Morning, ‘Grinchy’ here, writing from deep inside my own elite underground bunker deep in the Cairngorms. (Actually, it’s an Avondale Perle 4-berth caravan parked in a big cave, but hey, it’s good enough for me and it keeps all my Whiskey cool.) 

I hate to say I was right about how the repercussions of the CCP Wuhan, 2019 Novel Corona Virus, COVID-19 would work out…but I was right. If I continue to be right that should concern you.

Christian, you need to wake up! The world has changed and it is NEVER going back to the way it was before. So, STOP swaying about and singing Kumbaya, face the fearful facts, and quit yourselves like men and be strong. 

Of  the 191 countries and territories now with coronavirus, 52 of them have more cases than China when measured in cases per million population. These 52 countries include most of the countries in Europe, including the UK and most certainly the USA. Do you see all that brown stuff in the sky? Well, it's about to fall upon all of our heads.  If the facts frighten you, GOOD. Do something about it. 

I know many of you think I am mad now, but then, many of you thought I was mad a month ago when I told you all this was a-coming. Even so, I was right. Your welcome. 

Nevertheless, my great fear is that with the following suggestions of what is coming, that I may well be right again. God help us all if I am. 


A SCORE of Petrifying Possibilities

Allow me then to give you a score of petrifying possibilities regarding what to expect in the coming days, weeks and months:

(1) You will NOT be locked down for 3 weeks. (Don’t make me laugh.) You will be indoors for a whole lot longer than that.

(2) Someone else wrote quite recently

“The world that you knew is gone. The new world you will be facing is merciless and brutal, and that world is full of incredibly evil, desperate, anti-Christian murderers who quite recently were celebrating mass abortions and begging for global depopulation to “save the climate.”

Yes, indeed, many will say that what you and your family are about to go through, is good for the earth. Indeed, many will say that is was the earth that reached out to kill us so as to save itself from us. All hail Gaia!

(3) Remember I told you, all the talk shall now be of ‘Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine!’ Well, guess what….. Meanwhile, the NHS as we know it, shall buckle and fall like an over-burdened old hag.

(4) We are economically falling off the cliff right now, and the hard bottom is a world-wide economic depression. It’s here, you just don’t know it yet.

(5) Welcome to Universal Credit. You are now part of the system.

(6) The Internet will eventually begin to be rationed. Eventually, only ‘essential sites’ will be allowed the bandwidth. The Government will determine which are essential sites. I suspect ‘The Way’ will not be one of them. Of course, this is censorship. Why are you surprised?

(7) In the UK & USA, Drones (made in China) will be deployed and used extensively to enforce this medical martial law.

(8) In the UK & USA, the regular army will guard grocery stores and food deliveries. 

(9) The Monty Python cry of ‘Bring out Your Dead’ will lose its sense of fun as the army carry of many off our loved ones to be buried in hastily prepared graves.

(10) Foreign NATO troops, sorry, ‘security teams,’ will be seen on our streets.

(11) The USA will have an internal shooting war. Many States will try and secede from the Union, and they shall be resisted. 

(12) They are coming to test you.

They are coming to mark you as 'disease-free.' (or not) and if you have the virus, then ‘Bye Bye,’  for you shall be forcefully invited to be removed for ‘treatment.’

(13) Eventually, you will not be able to function without your ‘disease-free’ digital passport, which could initially only last 24-hours a time. 

(14) This digital passport, this Bio-metric ID card, will initially be an app on your phone, which you must download and show to 'the enforces.'

It will flash RED for infected, Amber for suspicious, and Green for clear. Only the Greens will be allowed to go, move and work.

Oh, come on! They are already using facial recognition and the social media moguls have already been asked to cough up your location data. Please, get real!

(15) Eventually, this APP shall be replaced with a digital tattoo or an implant. All those cotton bud 5G towers and surveillance cameras are going to come in really useful.

(16) Current leaders and the ones replacing them will take an even more totalitarian grip on the world.

(17) Most of us will worship 'Big-Brother,' many of us will not. 

(18) Nationalism will rise in the face of Globalism.

(19) Yes indeed, the Hammer will eventually produce the desired effect on the current kill curve, but the coming ‘dance’ shall be macabre. 

(20) Finally, friends, the ‘Jack in the Box’s’ have all been lined up and the handles cranked to capacity as the freaky music begins to fill the air. Watch out for the petrifying pop-ups. Oh, and don’t be ain't seen nothing yet. 


So anyway.....

As I have said all along, this is part of God’s judgment against us.

As Western nations, we have so greatly sinned, and as a nation, we sinners need to repent. I say this because we need Divine intervention in this fight, (and the fight is not against Corona Virus) and that Divine intervention will only come to repentant people who are intent in obeying the God of the Bible and serving His Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

Without this, all of our so desperate prayers are just pissing in the wind.


Then I awoke, and it was all a dream, no, indeed, it was all just a terrible nightmare. Phew!"

Yup, thankfully none of this will happen. No, maybe just around 20,000 will die throughout the whole of the UK, much less than the flu, and we shall all be back at work a fortnight this coming Monday, and life shall return to normal, just the way it was before. 

And if you believe that, you will believe anything. 



Free Lance Researcher & News Compiler | The Grinch | Published | 2020 | March 24 | 06:30 | LOCKDOWN DAY 01 | 

(I am The Grinch, both by name and nature, and, on the whole, I care more about having you informed rather than uplifted. I think that's why they employ me here and why I am focussed on the Virus. Enjoy..or not..)


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posted by colin owen on 25-03-20

I don't like this guy. I want the old THE WAY back. Of course, they won't post this comment - they don't post any comments, but hopefully, someone will read this and act upon it.

posted by Rev. Victor Robert Farrell on 25-03-20

Thanks or your comments Colin. I am sorry you don’t like our freelance writer ‘The Grinch,’ though I can understand why. He is a bit a blunt force instrument. However we do think he is the right character for the job at this time of distress and we have tasked him to run with the Corona Virus as it reshapes our nation. I do agree with him that things have undergone such a profound change that they shall never be the same again. We are positioning ourselves for the changed world, Post-Corona, and also preparing ourselves to minister to generation Alpha, who knows we might even be able to reach generation Z? For sure, other Christian news and information sites have a very different approach to reporting, and minister well to Boomers, X & Y and hence, they have a very different target audience. Ours is the non-Christian world AND the many thousands of Christians who before all churches were closed, did not go to church. We are also reaching across the Atlantic to a very different demographic than we have in the UK as well, hence the change in tone and language. For sure, millions will die in the world from Corona and as we think it is really the only news out there at the moment we are trying to report on it in a very provocative, but Biblical way. Do pray for us that we might get this right. Meanwhile, when and if we get through these troubled waters, our staff writers are waiting in the wings. Be very Blessed Robert

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