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Valuetainment to discuss the numerous COVID-19 vaccines currently in production, and the fallout from all these vaccines trails skipping the crucial animal testing step, the conversation went like this,

The data shows us in 1975, 1 in every 5,000 kid has autism. In

1980, 1 in 2500

1994, 1 in 500, 

2001, 1 in 166, 

2004, 1 in 150,

2009, 1 in 110

2011, 1 in 68, 

2013, 1 in 45, 

PROJECTED  for 2032,



I started asking every doctor I knew including hosts on the doctors. And I said, "if I'm wrong, show me where I'm wrong. I want off this road. I mean, I'm, I'm all about the truth. Please show me, explain to me what I'm missing here? How is this data wrong? How is it? Show me a study that can disprove what we're seeing here?" And and I'll be honest. No one has ever actually done that! They cannot say that vaaccines are safe, period, full stop. End of story. 



I'm no Anti-vaccine I'm anti-injecting! Number one, products that don't get the safety studies, and number two, products that have liability protection. Meaning I cannot sue the manufacturer, if it does injure me or does injure my children. 

The reason that's problematic is I know since they've never been able to be sued since the 1986 act that took all liability away, there's been no marketed incentive to evolve the science of vaccines. They have absolutely zero risk! So, you know, money people, why would anybody spend money for no reason to evolve our product and make it safer than it already is? If you can't Sue them anyway.



Well, not at all! No! In fact, I know you don't have to take this vaccine. For the most part 99% of this country in the world do not need to take it. I mean, every scientific report has shown us that to over 99% of us, this is a cold. That's just the fact it's a common cold. It is only deadly for 0.2, six now percent of Americans, and we're seeing even a decline in the death rates because I think we're actually learning that we're treating it incorrectly. So what we're talking about is a vaccine that 99.74% of us don't even need, that's the case! 

Just like a cold, this virus is going to be the sniffles for most people. And people say, you're crazy. No, listen to how many times you say the term asymptomatic carrier, right? That means someone that is so not sick, that they don't even know that they're carrying it. That is the greater body of people. And then if you're not that, then you're someone that just has a light cold. There's an acute extreme response for 0.26% of our population that have other life threatening illnesses that are putting them in harm's way. And by the way, a common cold has always been dangerous for people that are on the late stages of heart disease or COPD or diabetes, and that's what we're seeing. 



But let's talk about this vaccine. Number one, I'm never against any vaccine that they recommend for people to take. Go right ahead. It's a free country. I have a problem with the language that this is going to be forced, bill Gates and saying he wants a forced vaccination program or all 7.5 billion people in the world. 

I believe that this pandemic has been blown out of proportion in order to force the entire adult population into a mandated vaccine program, just like our children are in. I've been predicting that for the last three years on every stage I speak on this is, has been a goal by the who for many years. And now we're seeing it. I believe this pandemic is being used to create such difficulty in our lives. We can't go to work. We're losing our money. We have to wear a mask. We've got to stay six feet apart. We can't kiss. We can't hug. Also, they make us so miserable, so when they rush this vaccine out, we go fine. I'll take it. If that's what it's going to take to get our lives back to normal, but know this, it won't just be that vaccine! The moment you allow the government to say, you have to take it. You just bought into the vaccine program for every adult. And guess what? You didn't get the 54 vaccines your children are getting. Now you have to catch up on 54 vaccines. Guess what? 270 vaccines are already approved and in the pipeline which you've never heard of, and thousands of vaccines are on in trials right now as we speak because the future of the industry is a product that doesn't test for safety, as I told you, and has no liability and can be forced on you by government mandates! It's the greatest product Big Pharma has ever had, and it happens to be your future if you don't stand up for your rights.



If you read every headline it's telling us two words in a sentence that I think make it the most dangerous sentence known to man. Every time you read, it says they are RUSHING THE SCIENCE! That is what we read in every headline talking about COVID-19.  I'm not exaggerating it. We are RUSHING SCIENCE. Now let's talk about this vaccine.

It is NOT a brand new vaccine, another version of a measles vaccine. They've been attempting a Corona virus vaccine since for the last, at least 20 years. Very specifically, since we'd had SARS, which was a Corona virus back in the early 2000’s, multiple drug companies have been attempting to make a Corona virus vaccine. 

Here's what's amazing, and I discovered in our research, every single animal trial, by all of those different drug companies and different approaches to a coronavirus vaccine had the same result in every one of the trials, they used ferrets. It's a popular animal,  I think it has a similar immune system, human beings. They gave them their trial COVID or coronavirus vaccine, and the animals seem to be doing just fine. They would have said, “It's safe! The animal fine vaccine didn't hurt them.” They even check their blood and they we're having robust antibody production. They say, “ Well, to me, it looks like it really works!”  And so now,  they're probably all jumping up and down their laboratories. 

But here's what happens in an animal trial. You're allowed to go one step further than you're ethically allowed to in the human trial, that's called a ‘challenge study’ where they actually put the animal in contact with the virus. You can't do this with human beings,  but they put the ferrets in contact with coronavirus 

and every single one of the trials had the same problem. Instead of the antibodies protecting the animal from the Corona virus, the antibodies actually helped the virus attack their own immune system and it overreacted. They had serious upper respiratory conditions, organ failure, even what's called a cytokine storm, meaning that their immune system sent their body into inflammation. Many of the animals died and it was so catastrophic that in these trials, you'll see at the end, the caution that says, “WE SHOULD BE VERY CAREFUL MOVING FORWARD WITH HUMAN TRIALS.”



Well, now we have just skipped all the animal trials and we're going into these small human trials that will never have the challenge stuff as  part of this. SO WHAT I'M SAYING IS WE ARE RUSHING A VACCINE THAT WAS DEADLY IN THE ANIMAL TRIALS. And when you think about the money, right, you think about money. You and I both know where there's billions of dollars to be made, you will find people willing to, skip some steps  if it means winning the race, and I call this the AMAZING RACE.

Bill Gates, and most of the people in the world are saying this Vaccine will be given to all 7.5 billion people. If this vaccine is a cheap vaccine at a hundred dollars, that means this product will make $750 billion to the winner of this vaccine race. Right now, there are a hundred companies in this race.

I assure you if they have a couple of missteps or a few problems, and they think, “well, we can try and overcome them once the product is out,” they will, because no one wants, wants to give up that cash prize. And so I think we are watching potentially some of the worst science we may ever see. 

And now imagine that bill Gates gets his wish. The WHO manages to force vaccinate the planet, if we all have to get this in order to get onto an airplane or to be allowed back into our job or to have the tracking app that's on our phone, say he's allowed to go to the gym. I have to have that vaccine. If that happens, and they didn't overcome this problem which they're describing, it's called antibody immune enhancement. You've had Tony  Fauccie allude to this. You've heard him say there's a potential. This vaccine could make people more sick, or Dr.Peter Hotez, who is actually a scientist that's attempted to make an coronavirus vaccine, he met with the Congress and said, “we have this problem antibody immune enhancement.”

So imagine everybody gets this vaccine. Let's imagine it's all about good scientists that think they've overcome the problem, but they don't know why it happens. They'll admit that to you. “We don't know why this is happening.” And they're looking at one strain of the virus. There's already 30 mutations, so what happens if we all get this vaccine? And maybe if that was fine with the virus that we came in contact with, but two years down the road, there's a mutation to the Corona virus. Just like there's been 30, maybe there's 70, maybe then on  the 71st mutation it triggers this problem where it sends our immune system wild, and instead of protecting us, our immune system attacks us. And now the death rate of COVID is not 0.26%, but what if it's 5%? What if it's 10%? What if it's 80% of people start dying, because the vaccine is causing them to get more sick instead of protecting them?

Here's what I know. We have never seen a virus or a bacteria on this planet since the dawn of man that ever even came close to eradicating the species. But I believe rushing science and forcing everybody to use the vaccine, if we make a catastrophic error, there is no way to get that vaccine out of ourselves and a mistake like that by people that I do think have a real God complex,  could be catastrophic for our species.

I would just always caution. I better always to have the right to choose what's injected into me, and I will read all the science myself and decide if I think that 0.26% death rate is really worthy of taking on the risk of a vaccine that killed the animals in the animal trial.

The Dark days of winter and the darker days of the coming decade are falling upon us. Are you ready for what is yet to come?


Sources | https://youtu.be/OMeYwuWz86o


Free Lance Researcher & News Compiler | P.J. Humble | Published | 2020 | July 28 | 14:00  | 


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