Was the Syrian Chemical attack a Hoax?

Created on: 23rd April 2018

After the surgical bombings that Trump ordered against Syria along with France and the UK, questions remain about the validity of the Chemical attack. The problem is we still don’t know exactly what happened in Douma, Syria, on Saturday.

Russia Today`s Murad Gazdiev highlights a number of eyewitness accounts from Douma, Syria that people directly involved in the notorious “chemical attack” video actually had no idea about the alleged use of chemicals there.

Amid growing suspicions that the “chemical attack” in Douma was actually staged, Gazdiev looked into some of the remarkable statements made by local residents and Western journalists who travelled to the war-ravaged area.

The claims range from the whole thing being set up by Islamic State to it being completely staged.

“It’s remarkable how these scenes convinced three countries to launch cruise missiles at Syria,” Gazdiev said, referring to footage of the alleged attack, as doubts linger.

Eyewitness reports, photos, and videos of limp children and people struggling to breathe make it apparent that an atrocity occurred in Douma (though Syria and its allies claim it’s all a hoax). But tragically, Syrians have been subjected to horrors throughout their country’s seven-year civil war, and in the world of international relations, the nature of the chemical weapons allegedly used by Bashar al-Assad’s forces last weekend matters. 

There has to be a Political solution to end this war and as Christians we need to pray that this Country that was mentioned so many times in the Bible has peace restored and its people can enjoy a normal lifestyle.

Posted by David Pilkington

Extract from rt.com 

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posted by Stephen Green on 24-04-18

Excellent article David.

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