UK Christian persecution set to rise in 2018

Created on: 22nd March 2018

Whilst the main stream media does not recognise this subject, the fact remains through the recent changes in the law and attitude, Christians have been arrested and charged with hate crimes over preaching the Gospel on the streets of Great Britain. 

Only a few years ago you would have thought that this would be impossible, but we are now in a new phase in the UK of pretending to be tolerant, in allowing Muslims to preach whatever they want from the Koran but Christians cannot use the Bible to share or preach. 

As a result of this the Barnabus Fund have an on-line partition to ask the Government to provide a new law to protect Religious freedom. This means that anybody can debate or evangelise their faith without fear of persicution. 

Very simply, it will protect people. It is important that we, as a society, recognise that all people can hold their worldview and beliefs without discrimination or persecution.

They want a law that establishes permanent freedom of thought, religion and expression in line with international agreements and covenants of human rights.

It must positively affirm the freedoms TO practise, share and change one’s beliefs without government interference or societal persecution.

It must also affirm the freedom from being required to support a particular worldview or set of beliefs in order to hold a public sector job (except where this is a genuine occupational requirement such as chaplaincy posts); stand for election; work in teaching, healthcare and law; study at university; or give parental care to a child.

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Posted by David Pilkington 

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posted by john on 23-03-18

Even Dawkins is attempting to put a brake on the relentless attacks on Christianity in the west, because of his 'justifiable fear that something worse will replace it. One of his latests tweets protests at the rejoycing of the decline of Christianity in europe. See For a change he happens to be correct, as there is nothing in secular society that precents an intellectual challenge is islam. Will we see Dawkins promoting church attendance or the media presenting Christianity in a more favourable light? I doubt it, this is a spiritual battle and seculat humanism/atheism and islam are different sides of the same coin. They are both products of the devil, so he's not going to risk exposing his possesions to even the teaching of a dead church. Yes we need to expect more hostility towards Christianity and to be bolder in our identifcation as Christian and in our gosiping of the gospel.

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