Created on: 10th January 2021

As Big-Tech now de-platforms MILLIONS of conservative voices, allowing the Ayatollah and the Chinese Communist party to Remain on Twitter whilst removing President Trump, it is clear that the boot is already beginning to stomp upon the face of free-speech. This is the but beginning of the ‘Soros sorrows,’ as far, far worse is yet to come. America is about to enter into a hot civil war. The only question is how long it will last and how much lasting damage shall be done.  Trump has ten days to make this a bloody but short but civil war.

Observing USA events from afar, it seems to me that the right is now ready for a fight. Some say that there will be a military face-off in DC, others say that DC may be removed from the face of the earth. Rumour is rife, and ‘hopium’ is being given away like Morrison’s cake in plastic ‘made in China’ party-bag at the end of a 4 year olds Birthday party. 

“US special forces took Pelosi’s laptop from her office and she is petrified in panic mode.”

“Trump is in Texas surrounded by loyal praetorian planning to pull back the country from the hands of the communists by enabling the insurrection act and declaring military martial law.” 



Well, we shall see, and we certainly won’t have to wait long. Whatever happens, the America we all know is gone. As is, the United Kingdom we all knew, that too is gone. Here though, we have no Trump, just a mop-head muppet, an anti-human complicit monarchy, a manipulative media, and an increasingly hated Police force. The only good news we have is that Nigel Farage is now selling financial planning products. Good times in post-Brexit Britain.



Ratting out your neighbour was a rising Trend in Carnoustie before we left for the Cairngorms. Sad to say, the Fink’s are now  also out in the high places. Yes, it seems the Aberdonian Fink has now migrated to the mountains. Let’s hope the black-clad Scottish SS police force do not follow! No worries here just yet though, because they need to find my cave and my caravan before they can break down its door, and I tell you, ‘Granada,’ my wee Skye terrier, unlike one of his breed before him, bites the Bobby’s of today.

Society is being fractured and divided, families are being torn apart, and it is the Government who are providing the vehicles for the forces of dictatorship to make it so. I hate to be defeatists, but because there is nothing to do and nowhere to run to, subsequently,  we the people shall soon be totally silenced and subjugated as our complete slavery to the system becomes so starkly apparent to us. Britannia has still become Slavelandia.



United Nations and the WHO are running the show. Agenda 21 an Agenda have been declared with clarity and are being implemented with impunity. Democracy is nothing but deceit for far greater forces are having their say and sway.



In suffering, even suffering to martyrdom, the fearsome fact for the Christian is ‘Our God Reigns.’ And it is indeed a most fearsome fact, for it does not follow that bodily deliverance out of suffering follows, but rather the presence of God is manifested to the saint as they o through the fire, and sometimes that fire lasts for years. Now then saint, are you ready for this No, I did not think so..

The recent expression of present day Christianity with its dominion theology coupled with Charismania, has done NOTHING to prepare the saints for what is begin to unfold. Hopefully, I say hopefully, God has been doing His own discipline with secret saints and soldiers. We shall soon see. Even so, God still reigns.



Judas may have hung himself, but his spirit lives on and intends to hang all the true flowers of Christ. Nicely, for the glory of God, for the good of the church, for humanity, respectability and the Gospel, the church shall see its own seeds of betrayers made manifest. Cowards, collaborators, with darkness, they are already seated in the high places of the Western church. Christian, in the church, be careful who you speak to and be careful what you say, for the Fink’s are about to have their day. Even so, God still reigns. 



Get the Word of God into you.

• Walk close with God.

• Pray.

• Expect the real supernatural, the real manifestations of God The Holy Spirit as seen in the book of Acts.

• Prepare, stock up on food, plant a garden.

• Get into like-minded, kike hearted communities and coalesce.

• Be strong.

• Be courageous.

• Fulfil the Great commission

• Do not take any vaccine.



Don’t forget that the NWO’s only answer to the Wuhan virus is the New World Order, Great Reset and its Control Vaccine, as it attempts to warp-speedily implement its plans of World-Wide control to usher in the Anti-Christ, in what history shall record to be the Greatest Depression of all time.

We need a Saviour and I wonder if one shall soon be presented to humanity, indeed, a saviour from another world even?

Meanwhile, get to the ‘New Abnormal’ as soon as you can, because your world which you once knew has now gone forever.

The Future is here and it is NOW time for the ‘time-of-the-end’ disciple to arise and for New Antiochs to be birthed, to meet the times now here.

PS, With full shops, I know you STILL don’t believe it, but…... food shortages are  coming, so, please plant a garden and protect it, and then quietly extend and disperse your pantry. Without a public uprising, the dark, dark winter of discontent is our present portion, as we now fully enter a decade of destruction, the likes of which we have never seen before

Until next weekend, Grinchy.


Freelance Researcher & News Compiler | The Grinch | Published | 2021 | January 10th | 10:00 | 

(I am The Grinch, both by name and nature, and, on the whole, I care more about having you informed rather than uplifted. I think that's why ‘The Way’ still uses my services.)


The views expressed in this Opinion Editorial are entirely the view of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views held by the Editorial Board of ‘The Way, or the Trustees/Directors of 66Books.’



The editors of The Way are STILL insisting I put up my source links and number-link them! Dream on. My Gonzo writing style does not easily allow numerical referencing, plus, they don’t pay me enough. Also, as a long-standing researcher I have a VAST AMOUNT of sources, and having been researching for many, many years, I consequently draw on the historical archives of my memory, which, if you ask my wife, Granada, is not at its best even on sunny days. Oh wait a minute, Granada is our dog. Well, that just goes to prove it. Look, do your own research, for much of what I write about is open source. Don’t be so lazy! You have to ‘search the *Scriptures’ to see if your Pastor is on track, unless you go to Hillsong or any other mainline denominational church where you can guarantee they are off track anyway. Therefore, Google what I tell you and see if it ain’t so. Even so editors, I will try harder. But not too much.

* Scriptures-The Bible-God’s Book. It used to be very common in Christian churches and people actually used to read it, and some even obeyed it. 

Who is The Grinch? | I met Rev Victor Robert Farrell of ‘The Way’ over 40 years ago when we served together on the same Submarine. Therefore, like him, I am old enough to know better but  still young enough possess some fire in my bones. Unlike him though, I have nothing to lose, and consequently, I say what I like, making sure I always like what I say. I am also a great fan of ‘Gonzo’ style types of journalism, as you can probably tell.

I live with my wife, Mrs. Grinch, not Mrs. Hinch, though she has all of her books, though I am not sure if Mrs. Hinch is a follower of Mrs. Grinch? Anyway, having moved out of our council flat in Carnoustie, we now live ‘off the grid’ in a 4 berth caravan parked in a big enough cave up in the Cairngorms with our 5-year-old West Highland Terrier, Maisie. If push comes to shove, we shall eat her, but that’s a long way off as we have been preppers now for years.  Meanwhile, we love her to bits.

I do not have a cell phone, and only communicate with The Way via email, and to do this I have a satellite uplink to the internet. It is old technology, and though the signal redundancy is longer than I would like, it works and it keeps on working. Meanwhile, The Way has instructions to delete all my details PERMANENTLY and once a month to follow the tried and tested, ‘Acid and Hammer Hilary Method’ of Hard-Drive Data Destruction.

I am a Christian, A Bible Believer and I am pro-human. My only goal in life is to speak the truth from a Biblical World View, and that means I am part of the biggest conspiracy theory (so-called) ever! Oh, and yes, like me, don’t like me, I still don’t really care.


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