Tory MP Andrea Leadsom gets sinister threat - We are coming for you!

Created on: 12th February 2018

Ever since the 2016 EU referendum the Remain camp have been using all the tools in their sinister weapons division to try and turn a clear majority vote around to their advantage.  

The latest in these campaigns has been aimed at some vocal Bexiteers and this time it is Tory MP Andrea Leadsom, who is subjected to a death threat from a source using the pseudonym “the real 48 percent.” Leadsom joins six others who received threats.

The Cabinet minister was a prominent member of the Leave campaign during the 2016 EU referendum. She posted a copy of the sinister letter on Twitter, and labelled her antagonists “cowards.”

“Pretty despicable whoever sent me this,” she wrote online. “We live in a democracy — death threats because you don’t agree? And unsigned? Coward…”

The typed letter reads: “If you attempt to take away part of someone’s identity, there are consequences.

“We have watched as you have led us to the edge of the abyss. We will watch no longer. You have taken lives on our side.  Now we will take lives on yours. We are coming for you.”

The MP has reported the threat to the police.

Leadsom is not the only one to have received such threats: At least six prominent Leave donors have received similar letters, with at least three filing official complaints with the police.

It is suspected that the sender of the letters identified the donors using an article published by Business Insider, detailing the names and donations of those who gave to the Leave campaign.

Not only prominent donors and politicians are in the crosshairs though — last week a pensioner in south west London received a similar letter, but with much nastier phrasing. Tory MP Zac Goldsmith revealed the pensioner, who lives in his constituency of Richmond Park, received the chilling letter.

“If you attempt to take away part of someone’s identity, there are consequences,” the letter to the pensioner read.

“We have watched have you have stoked the fires of Brexit and led us to this moment.

“You can no longer be tolerated. We are coming for you.

“We are going to kill you.

Perhaps we should look at the possibility that the EU referendum could have gone the other way and the Remainers had won, with the same percentage vote. Would the leave campaign have adopted the same underhand tactics and still be trying to reverse the decision? 

I for one was prepare to leave the UK if it had gone the other way and live in Australia, as I don’t want to live in a Country that has lost its freedom democracy and liberty to a foreign power. After all what did we fight for in the last two world wars?

Posted by Tim Pearson

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