More EU citizens leave UK but 220,000 arrive

Created on: 22nd February 2018

More EU citizens leave UK  but 220,000 arrive

Although the number of EU citizens leaving the UK has risen to its highest level for a decade with 130,000 emigrating in the year to September, but 220,000 EU nationals still moved to Britain over the same period, the Office for National Statistics found.

It means net EU migration - the difference between arrivals and departures - was 90,000, the lowest for five years.

The ONS said Brexit could be a factor in people's decisions to move.

Nicola White, head of international migration statistics at the ONS, said migration was complicated and could be influenced by lots of different reasons.

The figures also show that more British people are emigrating than are returning to live in the UK.

Of those EU nationals arriving in the UK, fewer were coming for "work-related reasons", in particular to "look for work".

By contrast, immigration from countries outside the European Union is going up which means the UK population is continuing to grow at a similar level to early 2014.

Some 285,000 non-EU citizens arrived in the UK in the 12-month period to September, and 80,000 departed.

This gives a net increase of 205,000, the highest for six years.

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