Archbishop of Sydney: If you believe in same sex marriage please leave the Church

Created on: 16th October 2019

Archbishop of Sydney: If you believe in same sex marriage please leave the Church

Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Glenn Davies said supporters of same-sex marriage should leave the church, rather than change scripure.

Well praise the Lord and Why does our own Archbishop of Canterbury not say the same?

Dr Davies directed his strongest criticism at church branches that had moved to bless same-sex unions, such as the Wangaratta diocese in Victoria. That decision has now been referred to the church's internal appeals tribunal.

Addressing the 51st Synod of the Diocese of Sydney, the Anglican church's parliament, on Monday, Dr Davies warned the church had "entered treacherous waters" and called on those who supported same-sex marriage to leave.

"I fear for the stability of the Anglican Church of Australia. These developments have the potential to fracture our fellowship and impair our communion. I have stated this on numerous occasions at the annual National Bishops' Conference, but sadly to little effect," said Dr Davies, who is the Synod president.

"My own view is that if people wish to change the doctrine of our church, they should start a new church or join a church more aligned to their views - but do not ruin the Anglican Church by abandoning the plain teaching of Scripture. Please leave us.

"We have far too much work to do in evangelising Australia to be distracted by the constant pressure to change our doctrine in order to satisfy the lusts and pleasures of the world."

Dr Davies said to bless same-sex unions would be to "betray God's word". He conceded "our view of marriage is not a popular one in Australia" and was also now contrary to the law.

"Nonetheless, God's intention for marriage has not changed. We honour him when we abide by his instruction. We cannot bless same-sex marriages for the simple reason that we cannot bless sin," Dr Davies said.

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