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Autumn has quickly transitioned to winter here on the prairie. We have had the second snowfall in two days and more is on the way. One always hopes that the first snow will just be a kind of warning, melting away for a week or so before really coming down in earnest. This time it seems like the snow is here to stay.

With all my knowledge of winter here, the reality is I am not quite ready. The garden furniture is still outside and I had trouble starting the ride-on mower and it too is stuck out on the lawn.



Out in the cold is how many North Dakotans are starting to feel as the pressure to mask up grows. The state is spending $1.8 million on a propaganda campaign called ‘Mask Up ND.’ The bad news it is taking hold. The mayor of Fargo, the largest city in the state, issued a mask mandate today and is calling for a mask mandate across the whole state. Imagine, we have less than a million people in an area just a tad smaller than the whole of the UK and now they want these farmers and ranchers in small towns across the prairie to wear masks!

Given that the benefits of the mask mandate are wholly unproven this is nothing short of ridiculous. This is all about power and control, since the virus is so small it passes right through a mask anyway. The mask mandate is pure political theatrics.



There is an old adage. It says, follow the money. We have already learned that hospitals get $13,000 per Covid19 patient and a further $39,000 if they intubate a Covid19 patient. This notwithstanding that it is now clear that intubation is not effective in Covid patients and in many cases has resulted in death. Add to that the astonishing amount of Federal money a state receives per Covid19 patient. This is like the UK government giving counties or regions extra money based upon the number of Covid19 positive tests. We learned last week that the state of New Mexico gets $171,000 per Covid patient. Based on the number of positives up until mid September, New Mexico stands to collect over $5 billion!

One source tells me that each state gets a different amount and that North Dakota is getting $339,000 dollars per patient! Based on current case numbers North Dakota could stand to receive over $11 billion in federal funding! This is all happening because an emergency was declared  by President Trump back in March. With these kinds of numbers it is not hard to see why states are testing frantically for Covid!



Meantime I’m not planning to put on a mask to go outside and move my lawn tractor. In fact I doubt that many, if any, farmers will be wearing masks outside even if the rules are laid down. 

In the American west masks are associated with bandits and guns. It reminds me of a true story told by one of the members of a local church. The man in question is a retired military police officer and always carries a pistol in his waistband. He was in a shop recently without a mask and a woman asked him why he was not wearing one. He lifted his shirt to reveal the pistol and said, "ma’am if you are carrying one of these it is illegal to wear a mask!" In this time methinks the bandits are the politicians instituting these mask mandates. 

As I have mentioned before this whole crisis has been weaponized. This is the financial edge of the weapon and all these billions will translate into added trillions on the national debt. Unchecked this will result in hyper-inflation, already a growing risk as central banks around the world continue quantitive easing (printing money) at an astonishing rate.

In both of these instances who ends up paying?  It is ‘we the people’ who’s savings are dropping in value like a stone. 

Like I said the masked bandits are the politicians!


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