Theresa May`s dirty tricks and bullying, save her premiership

Created on: 18th July 2018

Theresa May`s dirty tricks and bullying, save her premiership

There have been many occasions in the last 40 years when you think that Politics cant sink any lower, but Theresa May managed to sink to a new low, but forcing her bankrupt anti BREXIT Chequers plan on her Party. 

Never before has a sitting Prime Minister had a minus 37% approval rate, (RT poll) which just shows the contempt the British people have over the deceit and lies Mrs May and her backroom boys have been engineering to keep the UK in the EU. 

Although Theresa May pushed fellow Tories into backing a vote on her post-Brexit customs plan, she told them they would otherwise face a general election, which could ultimately catapult Jeremy Corbyn into Number 10, the Times reports. 

In one of her most challenging days as a PM, the Tory leader on Thursday night just narrowly managed to scrape through a crunch parliamentary vote on her customs plan – which would see the UK leaving the EU customs union. An amendment by 12 Tory MPs which would have kept Britain within the union was defeated by 307-301 thanks to four Labour Brexiteers who sided with the government.

According to a source cited by the Times, Tory Deputy Chief Whip Chris Pincher told rebel MPs they would be responsible for a vote of no confidence if May’s plan was shot down. Under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, two votes of no confidence in two weeks can trigger a general election.

It comes as a YouGov poll reveals Labour has had the lead over the Tories ever since the Chequers cabinet meeting at the beginning of the month, where the PM put forward her much-contested post-Brexit trade plans.

There has been a surge of support for UKIP as disgruntled middle England voters turn away from their support for the Tories and Labour.

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