Recent stabbings in London hit highest death rate since 2003

Created on: 22nd May 2018

Recent stabbings in London hit highest death rate since 2003

While the World`s focus was on the Royal wedding, the latest news of more London stabbings, got pushed way down the news channels, hiding the fact that our Capital city is experiencing the highest death rate from this crime since 2003.

Four men were stabbed in a five-day frenzy of violence. The latest victim of London's violent crime epidemic died last night, stabbed in broad daylight in North London.

The man, understood to be aged in his 20s, was stabbed in Islington on Monday. Emergency crews were called to the scene at Upper Street, but the stab victim died at the scene, Scotland Yard confirmed.

Three other men, aged 20, 24, and 28, were also stabbed in London in the past week. The London murder toll is now more than 65, putting the death rate on track to hit its highest annual total since 2003.

Figures published in April showed a 22-percent annual rise in knife crimes in England and Wales. Robbery rose by 33 percent and gun crime rose by 11 percent, while and murder increased by nine percent.

One of the victims of London's five-day stabbing spree died on Friday, three days after he was attacked in West London. Osman Shidane, 20, was described by his family as a selfless and caring man.

Shidane, born in Denmark but had lived in Britain for 15 years, was the eldest of seven siblings of Somali origin. He was stabbed in the neck and armpit as he walked along an alleyway next to a church. A 16-year-old boy has been charged with his murder.

"He was a family man, he was caring and compassionate," 17-year-old Nasteho, one of Shidane's five sisters, told the Evening Standard. "He was very outgoing and naturally got along with everyone."

Arunesh Thangarajah, 28, was stabbed to death in the early hours of Sunday morning, just before 3:30am in Mitcham. Police said that Manimaran Selliah, 44, a Mitcham resident, was charged with Thangarajah's murder.

Abrahaman Juma, a 24-year-old man was stabbed to death by a gang of youths on Thursday night in Barking. His uncle, Haroub, said: "He was a nice guy, a good person. I cannot put how I feel into words."

Juma's neighbours said that the pack of youths chased their victim Juma through the estate where he lived and attacked him.

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