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In America, it seems that the Evangelical Left’s Attempt to Swing Votes Away from Trump Is Working. In 2018, 'Woke' and leftist evangelical leaders gathered at Wheaton College to brainstorm how to beat Donald Trump in 2020.  A few conservative evangelicals were invited, but they ended up walking out when they discovered the point of the meeting was to unseat the U.S. president.

New statistics from polling data demonstrates that the attempt of these leftist evangelicals – along with Russell Moore’s Great Awokening in the Southern Baptist Convention and the comrades of the Gospel Coalition – is working.



Attending that meeting in 2018 at Wheaton was Marxist New York minister, Tim Keller, Ed Stetzer, A.R. Bernard (the pastor who very publicly resigned from Trump’s faith advisory panel over Trump’s lack of political correctness following the Charlottesville race riot), Doug Birdsall (an honorary chair of the rabidly globalist and pro-Roman Catholic Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, which you can read about in E.S. William’s book,) Jenny Yang of World Relief (which signed a public statement condemning President Trump over his enforcement of U.S. immigration law regarding the 'Dreamers') Bishop Claude Alexander (who signed a letter from evangelicals condemning Trump, using the ideology of Critical Race Theory to do so), Mark Labberton of Fuller Seminary (who wrote a book, Still Evangelical?, which is a collection of essays encouraging evangelicals to abandon their title for the sake of not alienating the political left), Jo Anne Lyon of the Wesleyan Church (who is a part of Evangelicals for Social Action, along with other progressives like the late Rachel Held Evans), and Gabriel Salguero of the National Latino Evangelical Association (who, as you would expect, has written articles in places like the New York Times encouraging evangelicals to go politically left if they desire to coalesce with Hispanic believers).

Politico is now reporting that there is a rise of evangelicals supporting the pro-abortion Democrat, Joe Biden.

In their article, Trump allies see a mounting threat: Biden’s rising evangelical support, they writE,

A Pew Research study conducted earlier this year showed that a majority of U.S. adults (63 percent) think Trump is “not at all” or “not too religious,” versus 55 percent who said they believed Biden is somewhat or very religious.

The chief political analyst for the Christian Broadcasting Network, David Brody, said, “Here’s the problem for Trump: He needs to be at 81 percent or north to win reelection. Any slippage and he doesn’t get a second term, and that’s where Joe Biden comes into play.”

As PNP News has reported ad nauseam, this is the goal of the evangelical left, and they are deeply funded by America’s foreign enemies, especially James Riady.



Keller, Stetzer, (Russell) Moore, and company have been the financial recipients of millions of dollars from globalist and Marxist financiers, George Soros and James Riady.

With Soros funding Russell Moore and Matt Chandler’s Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) – an organization actually belonging to Soros himself – and with James Riady funding Westminster Philadelphia, Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) and Ligon Duncan, and other religious institutions like Biola University and Ouachita Baptist University, it should be apparent that some kind of quid pro quo exists.

Riady’s influence is far and wide in American religious institutions and in particular among New Calvinists, and the gobs of cash he’s reportedly giving them is surpassing unheard levels. And in spite of Riady being known primarily as the head of corruption during the Clinton Campaign Finance Scandal, in spite of him being kicked out of the country for trying to affect American politics with piles of international cash, and in spite of Riady still funding the Clinton Global Initiative and the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, leaders like Ligon Duncan still readily receive his cash, the Gospel Coalition promotes his Indonesian school on the cyber-pages of their blog, and his wife and children still speak at New Calvinist institutions in place of Riady himself, who cannot return to the country.


Make no mistake about it, the Evangelical Intelligentsia are well-funded by foreign political interests. In the name of 'repentance,' these evangelical leaders are promoting purely Marxist ideological inventions like Critical Race Theory, White Guilt, Intersectionality, and Cultural Marxism. It’s not conspiracy theory – it’s conspiracy facts.

The fact is that these evangelical leaders who all suddenly, mysteriously, and with suspiciously coordinated timing, who came to 'repentance' on the issue of race (proposing the social gospel, which they have renamed 'social justice') have taken money from Soros and Riady.

It is up to your gullible, incredibly naive judgment if you choose to determine that Soros and Riady are simultaneously funding a globalist-Marxist strategy worldwide while funding a certain stream of American religious thought out of the contriteness of their heart.



Biblical and conservatives need to be organising in their churches to combat the narrative set by dark money-funded leftists that are leading the big parachurch organizations like the ERLC, The Gospel Coaltion, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Reformed Theological Seminary, Cru, and even Awana.

Almost every major parachurch organization who takes public, non-church donations are susceptible to the strings attached to corrupt cash. These subversive foreign players like Riady and Soros are fine with these parachurch ministries talking about Jesus, so long as they’re helping Democrats win the White House, and globalism come to power.


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