What happened to - No deal is better that a bad deal?

Created on: 22nd September 2017

What happened to - No deal is better that a bad deal?

After the article in last weekend`s paper by Boris Johnson, Theresa May will try and push for a more positive approach to BREXIT and try and break the deadlock in UE negotiations. However, at what expense and compromise?

Theresa May will today tell EU leaders that they share a “profound sense of responsibility” to forge a Brexit deal for the benefit of those who “inherit the world we leave them”.

The Prime Minister will use a landmark speech in Florence to tell European negotiators and heads of state that “the eyes of the world are upon us” and that they must use imagination to make a success of “this chapter of our European history”.

Employing positive rhetoric that evokes Boris Johnson’s intervention in The Daily Telegraph last week, Mrs May will insist that “the future is bright” as she sets out her vision of Britain’s post-Brexit relationship with Europe.

Downing Street said the speech - her most significant on Brexit since January - would also include a blueprint for a “bold new economic and security partnership” and set out plans for a time-limited implementation period, offering “certainty and clarity.

Sources close to the Government say that there could be a two year payment to break the trade deal, which would be a bad deal, against Article 50 which requires no payment, against what the Public voted for and a bad signal to any other Country that is thinking of leaving the EU. 

Posted by David Pilington

Extract from www.telegraph.co.uk 

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