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The UK government has repeatedly mixed messages about issuing a vaccine passport.   Over the past year, ministers have stated that they would issue immunity passports,  or at one-point immunity certificates     that would allow immune people to have greater freedom of movement.      However, speculation of a Covid-Passport that would prevent people, who refused the vaccine, having access to pubs, restaurants, or to fly has caused a significant public outcry. Such moves would create an apartheid system; causing the vaccine minister to give clarity on the matter. 

Britain’s vaccines minister announced Monday that the government will definitely not mandate the coronavirus shot, and that it has no plans to introduce immunity passports, or place restrictions on those who do not take the jab. 

However, months later, the UK government has u-turned, reneging on its promise not to issue vaccine passports. Following in the steps of other countries,   the government is now trialling a vaccine passport. 

The passport created by biometrics firm iProve and cybersecurity firm Mvine, will be issued as a free app, allowing people to prove they have the vaccine. But why do they need to prove they are vaccinated if people are not going to be treated differently?  

Nadhim Zahawi warned many businesses would likely require proof of the jabs once they become available, in the same way they now ask customers to check-in using QR codes.   

Furthermore, Alexandra Phelan, a member of the Center for Global Health Science and Security at Georgetown University, outlines in The Lancet that introducing a vaccine passport would exacerbate already prevalent societal inequalities. It would create a two-tier society; those who can have full access and those with reduced access and ability to engage within society. Such a move could go against a person’s human rights and anti-discriminatory laws, especially if a person cannot take the vaccine due to health reasons or pregnancy.  

Although governments may not impose such restrictive movements, they could be deemed complicit and sanctioning by neglect if they do not prevent businesses from discriminating. This is especially crucial as governments have stated they will not impose such restrictions, but a business may. Thus, questioning if the governments are allowing or signalling to companies that they will not stop such action? However, only time will tell. 



Could the vaccine passport act as an enforcement tool, in effect mandating the vaccine by stealth? We already see Australia has adopted a ‘no jab, no pay’ law, as parents who refuse to inoculate their children are ineligible to claim child and tax benefits.  Additionally, Gladys Berejiklian, New South Wales Premier, has announced the government is considering implementing measures that would prohibit residents who have not been vaccinated from specific venues.  Berejiklian stated: 

The measures would be aimed at ‘incentivising’ uptake of the vaccine, which is vital to rebooting the economy, and businesses may require patrons to prove they had received the jab. 



Such moves are akin to Nazi Germany’s treatment of Jews. However, the question is, will other governments follow suit, or will they condemn such actions? I believe we will see such sanctions placed on people; not only the UK but also globally, as those who reject the vaccine will be vilified and deemed a conspiracy theorist. A group that will be portrayed as endangering the collective and further spreading the virus; one that can be treated without a vaccine!    Furthermore, we are already seeing companies seeking to implement mandatory covid-19 vaccinations for their employees. Yet, one has to question why one-fifth of health care workers are refusing the vaccine?  

If companies mandate staff to take the covid-19 vaccine, could employees take legal action against the company in the event of any adverse effects? The sad reality is while companies are pushing the vaccine and threatening staff who do not take them with disciplinary action, they make staff sign a disclaimer that they have taken the vaccine of their own volition. But many employees do not take the vaccine freely; they take it out of fear of losing their jobs and not being able to provide for their families. 

Furthermore, could we see the vaccine passport linked to a person’s credit score, creating something similar to China’s social credit system? While such move sounds impossible, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has proposed linking a person’s internet searches to their credit score. Thus, this would replace traditional credit scoring with advances AI-powered processes that incorporate your online activity and instil conformity to governments edicts.  Before you discard what I have suggested, who would have thought people would be incarcerated in their own homes a year ago. Or be prevented from visiting their families in draconian state-sanctioned measures to fight a virus. A Virus that is so dangerous most people do not know they have and therefore need to be told they have it.



But what about the dangers of taking the vaccine? Norway has adjusted vaccine advice  due to seeing an increase in deaths amongst those who have taken the vaccine; up to 30 deaths are attributed to the covid-19 vaccine.  Additionally two cases of healthy women,     who were both healthy before the vaccine, now have repeated body spasms – something I reported could happen due to the hydrogel within the vaccine that attaches to the central nervous system.   Furthermore, a Florida doctor died after having the vaccine, and a health professional died two days after receiving the first jab?  These are, but a few cases of deaths and adverse effects people have had from taking the vaccine. Please pray for them that God will move in their lives and intervene. 



Personally, I urge people to check out the facts before deciding on having the vaccine, so that you make an informed decision; especially as the UK government has signed waivers preventing manufactures from all litigation!  Remember, you cannot untake the vaccine once administered! But why is the government filtering information on coronavirus and the vaccine? Furthermore, why can people not speak out and highlight the risks? Why has the government not informed people that they cannot take legal action if the vaccine hurts them? Why is the government utilising the military cyber warfare and psyop unit 77 Brigade to censor what they deem as being misinformation – conspiratorial? Is the government using the fear within society and the mutant strain to push the vaccine through an elaborate marketing campaign? Now I know that sounds conspiratorial, but the government has employed a marketing company to disseminate its message, in an endeavour to saturate all media platforms. 



Thus, has the UK government employing a state-sanctioned psyop on its people? On the 2nd March 2020, the UK government struck a deal with London-based OMD Group worth £119 million. The agreement was for OMD to assist in the government’s Covid-19 marketing campaign in disseminating information on all media platforms; both nationally and internationally.  Despite committing to spending such a large sum of money, an amount that dwarfed the 46million spent on getting people ready for Brexit, the government at this point had not taken any lockdown measures, nor closed schools, or banned gatherings of large numbers. 

The significant spend on advertising weeks before the government implemented a national lockdown could be seen on one level as a failure, by the government, to act promptly. The deal’s preparation would have been made several weeks before the agreement was ratified on the 2nd March 2020. However, was the government planning a national lockdown when instructing the marketing campaign? While seeking to highlight measures people needed to take to keep safe, the campaign was also commissioned to communicate the emergency economic measures to the public. Therefore, was the government using its advertising campaign to prime people in a state-sanctioned psyop so they would accept a national lockdown?  

Repeatedly the British government has stated they do not want a lockdown, or other lockdowns, then the next minute we are in one. Why is this? Is it so the government can save face and blame it on the statistics? Data that has already been proven to be inaccurate and wrong.



Personally, at this juncture, I have little trust in the government, and I am concerned what the future may look like next year. A concern I am not on my own in expressing. But why are the churches not speaking out? Why are they not discussing both for and against viewpoints on the vaccine? However, instead, they promote the vaccine advising their parishes to take it  in an expression of loving their neighbour and loving themselves;  a stance that is a perversion of theology that does not withstand the scrutiny of the totality of scripture. For our bodies are the temple of God, and therefore, we should be careful what we allow to enter them.

Furthermore, we are to love God first and then our neighbour as yourself. To bypass God negates what you do for your neighbour. Moreover, laying your life down for a friend is different from taking a vaccine. You lay it down, so people come to faith, not to create immunity, if any is achieved, by taking the vaccine. 

We are living in extraordinary times. A period when right is portrayed as wrong, good as evil; something the Bible warned. Yet, we must be careful and test everything, even what I say, against the word of God. Please do not merely take what people say. Do your own research.



So why does the world seem to be in so much chaos? The reality is, what we are experiencing is what the Bible outlined would take place before Jesus Christ’s return. We are at the dawn of, what the Bible refers to as, The Great Tribulation. A period when the world is given over to the evil desires of its heart, and the devil – the antichrist who will govern the earth. We will soon witness, plagues, famine, pestilence, wars, rumours of wars, global persecution of Christians and sever natural disasters.   Why? Because humanity chose to live without God and therefore, He removed His hand of protection from the earth, but God will protect those who diligently seek His face.

You may say I do not believe in God; well, let me ask have you ever seen the film about Israel’s captivity in Egypt and Moses? Do you remember how God judged Egypt as He unleashed plagues upon them for the subjugation and enslavement of His people? Well, that is nothing compared to what is going to take place. What God did to Egypt He will do globally, as He judges the nations’ sin and gathers those who love Him unto Himself. While the World Economic Forum is seeking to bring about a Great Reset, that is not the real reset. It is a false reset that will instil a global governance that will enslave humanity to the antichrist system. The real Great Reset is the one God is bringing about, as He restores creation back to how He created it, in a regenesis event – one that will witness Jesus’ return; putting His enemies under His feet. Then Jesus will establish His Kingdom upon the earth. 

We are witnessing a cosmic battle for your soul. Therefore, you must choose a side; you either chose God and reject the devil or choose the devil and reject God. However, your choice will have eternal consequences. You will not be able to say God is not real when you stand before Him. Therefore, I urge you to seek out the one true God, repent of your sin and surrender your life to Him. Then live your life according to the word of God – the Bible as you follow the example Jesus set for us. It is the only way – It is the only Truth!

May God bless you and keep you! 




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