Freedom Democracy and Liberty has been released in the General Election

Created on: 13th December 2019

Freedom Democracy and Liberty has been released in the General Election

It is what our Fathers Mothers, Grand Fathers and Grand Mothers fought for and died for in the last world war.

To give Boris Johnson such a large majority to get BREXIT done and to get us released from the Anti-Christ dictators that make up the EU, was a Miracle and will be seen as a real blessing for our Country.

We need to pray that the Conservatives really honor what they have promised and to spread their agenda to all areas of the UK and not just the chosen few, so that we as a Nation can come together to celebrate our unique Country and our diversity. 

However, there is NO PLACE FOR THE VOCAL BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIAN in any of the major political parties. Ejections of anyone taking a Biblical stand against Gender or Abortion were rife during this election and the offender seen to be kicked out, when someone simply cries that they are using hate speech or offending someone.

Only time will now tell if Boris pulls off Brexit, but In the meantime, the vicious use of hate crime-law to shut down free speech continues unabated, and the lunacy of scything litigation against anyone who dares to speak the Bible continues to fill Christian people with fear.

Democracy may have been resurrected, but whether it can be pushed back into a working existence has yet to be seen, for the politics of grievance and envy, when bedded with totalitarian ideology, always produce the children of disobedience.

Meanwhile, the fight is on for Christianity to peacefully reclaim its lost voice in this great land of ours. Each of us must make a stand wherever we are, against the rising tide of the Anti-Christ spirit which has invaded many parts of our Government, Schools, Communities and even some Churches.

Posted by Amanda Hopkins

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