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Last week in the USA the CDC apparently reported more deaths because of the Vaccine than of Corona Virus. In Europe, it is the countries with most vaccinations that experiencing a surge in Covid. Around the world, the three world leaders that opposed the role-out of the vaccine to their countrymen, are now all dead.



If the vaccinationists are right, then all will be comparatively well. If those opposing Covid gene-therapy guya  are correct, then a mass die-off among the vaccinated will be seen over 2021-2024. Not long to wait really in the great scheme of things. Of course, should this occur, then the unvaccinated yobs shall be blamed, marked and dealt with. Or so the conspiracy goes. The 5 Mega-Prisons are also part of a conspiracy theory.



The first arrivals at the new so-called mega jail will be called ‘residents’ rather than prisoners as they prepare for release into society. The privately-run facilities are focused on rehabilitation and will feature 16 classrooms, 24 workshops and cells without bars in the windows. The majority of inmates will be transferred to HMP Five Wells – which is the UK’s first purpose-built ‘resettlement’ prison – as they prepare for release.  Some of the cells, described as ‘rooms’, have views over the River Nene, while outside those seeing out their time can make use of four football pitches for exercise, a gardening area and a sloping auditorium.

The all-male, Category C prison, which will become the biggest in England, will also have dedicated classrooms and workshops for ‘high-quality academic and vocational learning’. A central hub will be used for the educational and vocational work as well as social activities. The aim is for all of the residents, as they will be known, to have a qualification by the time they walk out of the gates in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

 The new-style 253 million super prison will hold 1,680 inmates, making it England  biggest prison, with the first prisoner due on January 8, next year. HMP Five Wells tweeted:

The prison build has been handled by Kier group, using pre-cast components containing recycled materials and the roof is covered with solar panels. New aerial photos also show the landscaped grounds, which include a horticultural area and four football pitches, where prisoners can exercise. The jail designers have ditched the usual K-shaped formation of prison housing blocks and instead used seven staggered cross-shaped buildings. The K-block style has been favoured since Victorian times, with the idea that a single prison officer could be placed in the centre of the radial arms of corridors and survey all the cells quickly. The new cross-shaped buildings mean the corridors are broken up into smaller zones, rather than miles of long corridors, which will enable prison staff to have more direct contact with prisoners. The buildings have been arranged around landscaped courtyards, with the cross-shaped design offering a better use of outside space for sports and gardening facilities. There will be one central hub for education, vocational training and social facilities.

In 2018, it was reported that HMP Warren Hill in Suffolk was also using the residents term and describing cells as rooms.  The following year, the prison service confirmed bars would no longer be placed on cell windows, as the feature dated back to times when glass was either too fragile for the purpose or had not been used at all. Toughened glass within a sealed design is more secure than the traditional approach, officials said.



One man wrote on Facebook: ‘Sorry but I thought the idea was to punish them?? What next, officers bringing them breakfast in bed?’ Resettlement jails are aimed at cutting the cycle of re-offending by providing tailored support and supervision for prisoners with 12 months or less to serve.

Psychotherapist Adrianna Irvine, who has experience of working with life inmates in maximum security prisons, gave the new approach a cautious welcome. The counsellor said: ‘Having no bars on the windows and being able to have a view of the scenery outside is a great idea for the prisoners’ mental health and welfare. ‘However, the single most important aspect for me is rehabilitation. To allow the prisoners to be outside playing football and gardening is all fabulous, but they will need to self-select.

‘You can’t mandate someone to have therapy, it has to come from within. Another aspect is the prison officers, as they too will need a very high level of support.’

A spokesperson for G4S said: ‘As the UK’s first purpose-built resettlement prison, HMP Five Wells will foster a purposeful environment that aims to prepare its residents for their transition back into society. This means providing them with skills and qualifications so they have the best chance to secure employment and turn away from crime.

‘The prison estate will include 16 classrooms and 24 workshops for high-quality academic and vocational learning. Our aim is for all residents to have a meaningful qualification when they leave.

‘The majority of prisoners at Five Wells will have transferred in from other prisons because they are nearing the end of their sentence. ‘HMP Five Wells will be operated by G4S on behalf of the Ministry of Justice, which already runs several highly-rated prisons in the UK, that are at the forefront of innovative programmes focused on training and care.’  HMP Five Wells is right next door to a crematorium. Which some would say is handy.



I say this because some people are suggesting that rampant ant-vaccers might well become residents in some of these five progressive prison towns! The British putting people in modern-day concentration camps? How preposterous is that!  I mean, ask any white South-African holding a comfort blanket and they will tell you the very idea is ludicrous.

No, I tell you, our government can be trusted, they are straight and true. The WHO can be trusted, the WWO and old Philip can be trusted, NATO can be trusted, and Bill Gates & Bill Cosby can be also trusted. The unbiased BBC can be trusted, knighted celebrities and over paid soccer players can be trusted. Just take the vaccine every month (Oh, its coming,)  wear your mask, maintain social distancing, rent your clothes, share your box-room with an immigrant, walk, cycle,  burn more calories but eat less as well, and, of course, stay local, and all will be well.

Freedom day is a fraud, for I fear the real ’fun’ is yet to begin. Concerning the NWO, this is year 01.

It was a time of the preacher
In the year of O-one
Now the lesson is over
And the killin's begun


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Dr. Graham Grumble

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