The UK is sleepwalking into an Islamic state

Created on: 17th June 2014

The idea of the Islamist “Trojan Horse” schools plot was a concept that was laughed off by many, unfortunately these take over plots are no fantasy. The inter-governmental Organisation of the Islamic Conference sponsored a London seminar in 1978 organised by the Islamic Council of Europe. 

It was discussed that Muslim Communities in non-Muslim countries should establish autonomous institutions with help from Islamic states and lobby host countries to grant Muslims recognition as a separate religious community, as part of steps towards political domination.

The materialisation of which appears to be happening in the UK at present, many argue that the UK is sleepwalking into an Islamic state with no one saying anything out of fear of being called Islamophobic or risking social cohesion in the nation. 

Recent Polls have revealed that a large minority of British Muslims hold views that are not compatible with British citizenship. The ICM stated in the year 2006 that 40% wanted to live under Sharia law which rejects the primacy of the secular state. In addition to this, the Policy exchange think-tank reported that 36 % of young British Muslims thought that people who reject their view should be killed.
Tower Hamlets in East London has become a place of corruption, intimidation and village politics of Bangladesh.  Its mayor, Lutfur Rahman was kicked out of the Labour party after reported links to the Islamic Forum of Europe which aims to turn Britain and Europe into an Islamic state. 

Despite all of this, Islamic extremism and political chicanery in the borough have been ignored for years in order to keep social cohesion. There have been attacks on women dressed immodestly, gay people and businesses that sell alcohol. The East End Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick warned that there is a “Trojan Horse” – style Islamist plot to infiltrate Tower Hamlets politics. 

Concern has also been raised over the rise of Muslim prisoners which have doubled in the past decade due in part to Islamic extremists pressuring inmates to convert to Islam before recruiting them into terrorist groups. The Muslim crime rates are far higher for their percentage of the population than any other group. Domestic abuse calls in Muslim neighbourhoods are prevalent and welfare abuse is out of control. 

A democratic country requires minorities to live under the law of the land; they should not require that law to adapt to their own values. The present Government has been slow to react to these satanic pressures and is not looking at the big picture.
It is no good just focusing on our education system, but there is a real need to develop strategies to stop the islamification of the UK, as this unseen cancer that will eventually destroy our culture, our freedom, our laws and the way we live. 
Posted by Lee Smith

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posted by john on 21-06-14

It's debated who said it, but" when you abandon believe in God one opens the door to a belief in anything!" As I was taught in science 'nature abores a vacume' theres a lack of belief in this country and varrious believes are squabling to fill it.

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