Created on: 17th May 2020

I currently live in a Caravan parked in a cave in the Cairngorms of Scotland, and even here, where we suffer the perpetual political lockdown to simply spite the Sassenachs, the lockdown is breaking. The vast majority of people are not wearing masks, they are not social distancing, and are beginning to take the kids out to stores, and are also following the British prime ministers dictate of going back to work, all be it quietly. Indeed, even my best beloved NHS are falling out of favour.



Yesterday, I saw a recently unemployed mother (who probably will never work again) in the cheapest food store in the area. She shook her head and rolled her eyes in response to the ever tannoyed rolling Government propaganda, while she was trying to decide what to buy for her two kids, even as the ever-working, guaranteed jobs for life with a pension, tik-tok making heroes of renown, over the store radio were encouraged to ‘show their NHS ID card, push to the front of the ever-growing check-out line AND get a full staff discount to boot!’ I tell you, this NHS worship of scrub-covered heroes is going to backfire, big time.

Still, “long live the NHS!” that’s what I say, “and may it reign a thousand years.” I love you with all my heart, even from my rainbow festooned 4-berth caravan to my wee dog, which I have also dyed NHS blue with some food colouring I found at the back of a cabinet. (Please don’t tell the SPCA or the RSPCA!)

One more time then, “I love you NHS, ” and can’t wait for your  next video. Boris has acknowledged that we may never find a vaccine (yeah, right) for the ‘Lock-Step’- driven, King Billy & Melinda ‘Gates of Hell ‘Foundation, Fauci, CCP, Wuhan, 2019 Novel SARS-CoV-2 Virus, COVID-19 (COVID 1984),  so I look forward to clapping your glorious endeavours each and every Thursday night for the next one thousand years.



In the USA, Donald Trump has mobilized the army to get ready to Vaccinate the masses. The US Department of Defense’s (DOD) Joint Acquisition Task Force in partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has awarded ApiJect Systems America a lucrative $138 million contract to produce hundreds of millions of “smart” syringes for administering Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines to the masses.  According to the Pentagon, ApiJect subsidiary RAPID USA Inc. will immediately initiate Project Jumpstart, a program to develop a high-speed supply chain for prefilled syringes using blow fill-seal (BFS) plastics manufacturing technology. This will enable the “warp speed” development of hundreds of millions of medical-grade injection devices to be ready by October 2020.

“By immediately upgrading a sufficient number of existing domestic BFS facilities with installations of filling-line and technical improvements, ‘Jumpstart’ will enable the manufacture of more than 100 million prefilled syringes for distribution across the United States by year-end 2020,” says Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Mike Andrews.

Now, they are saying that by the end of 2021, ApiJect is planning to have the capacity to manufacture 330 million prefilled BFS syringes per month, meaning every person in American could theoretically be jabbed once per month with a new vaccine. (But of course, that is NEVER going to happen.)

“RAPID USA is led by our multi-disciplinary team of experienced engineers, pharmaceutical technology experts, and management leadership,” says ApiJect Systems America CEO Jay Walker.

“Our team is expending extraordinary efforts to ensure that when drugs are developed and tested all Americans can receive critical injections.” ( NB- ‘WHEN,’ ‘ALL’)

“We will have done our part by providing the manufacturing capacity to support the necessary volume of ready-to-use prefilled syringes that contain essential medicines, be they therapeutics or vaccines.”


What makes these syringes “smart” is that each one comes with its own optional radiofrequency identification (RFID) chip or near-field communication (NFC) tag that can be synced with a smartphone app for tracking by healthcare workers. This will allow for the real-time transfer of data to the government about the syringe, what vaccine it contains, and who is receiving it.

“Before giving an injection, the healthcare worker will be able to launch a free mobile app and ‘tap’ the prefilled syringe on their phone, capturing the NFC tag’s unique serial number, GPS location and date/time,” the ApiJect website explains about the technology.

“The app then uploads the data to a government-selected cloud database. Aggregated injection data provides health administrators an evolving real-time ‘injection map. Nice.



Dr Hans Kluge, director for the WHO European region, delivered a stark warning to countries beginning to ease their lockdown restrictions, saying that

now is the "time for preparation, not celebration".

Dr Kluge stressed that, as the number of cases of Covid-19 in countries such as the UK, France and Italy was beginning to fall, it did not mean the pandemic was coming to an end. The epicentre of the European outbreak is now in the east, with the number of cases rising in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, he warned.

Countries should use this time wisely and start to strengthen public health systems as well as building capacity in hospitals, primary care and intensive care units, he said.

"Singapore and Japan understood early on that this is not a time for celebration, it's a time for preparation. That's what Scandinavian countries are doing – they don't exclude a second wave, but they hope it will be localised and they can jump on it quickly,” said Dr Kluge.



“I’m very concerned about a double wave – in the fall, we could have a second wave of Covid and another one of seasonal flu or measles. Two years ago we had 500,000 children who didn't have their first shot of the measles vaccine," he said.

Many experts, including England's chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, have warned that a second wave of the pandemic could be even deadlier than the first, pointing to the 1918-20 Spanish flu pandemic as evidence.

When the Spanish flu first emerged in March 1918, it had the hallmarks of the typical seasonal illness – but it then came back in an even more virulent and deadly form in the autumn, eventually killing an estimated 50 million people. NO WORRIES THERE THEN



Interestingly, in the UK,  No 10 has announced up to £93m to speed-up a new vaccine research lab. The new fund will accelerate construction of the not-for-profit Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre in Oxfordshire so it can open a year earlier than planned, the government said, even at Warp Speed. Ministers hope the centre will be a "key component" of the UK's coronavirus vaccine programme. Business Secretary Alok Sharma said: "Once a breakthrough is made, we need to be ready to manufacture a vaccine by the millions." 

Yes, indeed, no one is going to make a profit from this, least of all Big-Pharma, and no one will be forced to be vaccinated, just those willing 100’s of millions, even billions, that will be vaccinated and tagged so as to get back to work. Meanwhile, I do wonder what they will do with the millions that won’t get vaccinated? Hmmm. Maybe they will just leave them alone to live and work amongst the vaccinated? Or, maybe create ‘anti-vaxer areas’  to herd them all into? Holiday camps, or secure urban living districts, you know, Ghettos and the like? Who knows? Still, in the coming months and even next year,

the  ‘Lock-Step’- driven, King Billy & Melinda ‘Gates of Hell ‘Foundation, Fauci, CCP, Wuhan, 2019 Novel SARS-CoV-2 Virus, COVID-19 (COVID 1984) world shall be divided into three kinds of peoples: (1) Those without the vaccine (2) Those with the Vaccine (3) Those damaged and dying because of the vaccine.

As for me, well, my hands and head are currently fully occupied; however, both my buttocks are ready for your search for an injection site.  If you want to try to track my ‘ass,’ then have at it!

It will do you no good, however, as I have recently purchased a pair of Mr. Dyson’s Faraday Cage Modern Day Gentlemen’s Trousers, into which he has dropped 500 million so far, the Dyson electric car simply being a cover for this clandestine cover up of male genitalia from the havoc of 5G. He calls it ‘Adams Apron Wear,’ and the matching waistcoat and balaclava make the wearer completely invisible to all forms of EM radiation. Though abrasive around what scientist call the ‘JIA,’  or the ‘Jock Itch Area,’ it is well worth the 3,650, not including VAT, which I forked out for them. The scientific entrepreneurial community are all over the answers to our present distress.



Mentioning our beloved scientific community, I understand that over a year ago, our beloved scientists suggested that  a 1000 ft high tsunami once covered the red planet of Mars when it was hit by a mega-meteor some 3 billion years ago.  I always find it slightly disappointing then, when scientific working models (theories) seem so accurate and definite for billions of years ago, yet in the here and now, these scientists  cannot get agreement on the wearing of facemasks , nor get right their Virus models, nor even agree on whether or not kids should go back to school? 

I mean, Scottish scientists are definite on one thing providing it does not validate any English scientists, Welsh scientists sing songs, tell stories about dragons, and dream up another set of scientific criteria whilst spouting poetry,  and Northern Ireland Scientists seem to see everything through orange-tinted glasses. Meanwhile, the English Scientists speak softly, calmly, and with such confident precision that you would never even know they were making this stuff up as they go along!  Maybe we should let the astrophysicists have a bash at leading the response to the Virus, as they obviously are much more precise regarding their working models in this galaxy and in others, far, far away.



Talking about out this world of science in Galaxy’s far, far away, the rise of UFO sightings continues, and in Brazil thousands of people have witnessed the crash landing of an Unidentified Flying Object. Maybe our brothers from Betelgeuse, once baptized into the Roman Catholic church, (thus becoming legal rather than illegal aliens) can advise us on how to get out of this lockdown mess?  It’s worth thinking about, I mean it’s got to be a better job than this lot are doing?



The sad new is that The Way has now been blacklisted in San Antonio. That’s right, the city council there voted unanimously to dub certain references linking the   ---  to China as ‘racist, ‘ and calling it a Chinese Virus as being ‘Hate Speech.’

And while we are on  the subject of hate speech, I see that Jeremy Corbyn’s brother was arrested in London yesterday for protesting the lockdown. Thankfully, the Metropolitan white shirts were there  to restore order and lock up the ‘Covidiots.’ (A word which is definitely NOT hate speech.)

Yes, arrests were made and ‘on the spot’ fines were issued to selfish bigots, and racist idiots, ignorant and non-scientific imbeciles (no offence intended) who were all moaning about ‘loss of civil rights,' and other such rubbish.  In Germany, I understand that Mrs. Merkel has also got her knickers in a knot over 1,000’s of German Covidiots (definitely NOT racist or hate speech) there as well.

I find all of this really disappointing, as anyone would think that what is happening has little to do with protecting us from the  ‘Lock-Step’- driven, King Billy & Melinda ‘Gates of Hell ‘Foundation, Fauci, CCP, Wuhan, 2019 Novel SARS-CoV-2 Virus, COVID-19 (COVID 1984).  and more to do with totalitarian control. Sheesh!



It shall be short-lived. Therefore, do indeed take the advice of WHO and prepare for more trouble than you ever dreamed of.

If any of you, especially our beloved Police Force, are confused on where I stand on some issues, please allow me to leave you my list of loves, allegiances and intents, just so as you know where I stand.:

I love the NHS

I never want to get back into Education, nor go back to work.

Everyone should wear facemask in Scotland with a Saltire and some dergotory statements against the English.

Mayors are far more important than MP’s and should be at every COBRA meeting

We should re-join the EU and give them all of our fish.

We should have open borders and welcome all minorities especially if they are of the religion of peace.

We would have a one-world Health organization and Government; indeed, I hereby avow my utter allegiance to the New World Order

I await my ceiling of a Universal Income, and also

A tiny house to live in (which frankly has to be bigger than my current caravan)

I also welcome all aliens from any Galaxy, unless their political opinions are right-wing and truly conservative.

I agree with the Pope that Macron should be world ruler and his old wife honoured as Sarah of old.

I will eat insects instead of beef and other animal products, and believe that all  ‘Insectarians,’ like Vegans, should be banned as a global anti-human cult

I will gladly have a 5G Tower on top of my Caravan

Huawei products should be given away free to every person under 18 and over 60

I love the NHS (have I said that?)  And concerning the vaccine…

My buttocks await you.


Finally, remember, that if the truth alarms you, the problem is not with the truth,

Oh, and one more thing before I go today, that sound you hear, is the sound and impact of the technocratic hammer of tyranny falling, and the dance macabre which is now well underway as the New World Order tries to push its control and kill agenda. 

Remember, the NWO’s only answer to the ‘Lock-Step’- driven, King Billy & Melinda Gates of Hell Foundation, Fauci, CCP, Wuhan, 2019 Novel SARS-CoV-2 Virus, COVID-19 (COVID 1984)  is the New World Order and its Control Vaccine, as it attempts to speedily implement its plans of World-Wide control to usher in the Anti-Christ, in what history shall record to be the Greatest Depression of all time.

We need a Saviour and I wonder if one shall soon be presented to humanity?

Meanwhile, get to the ‘New Abnormal’ as soon as you can, because your world which you once knew has now gone forever.

The Future is here and it is NOW time for the ‘time-of-the-end’ disciple to arise and for New Antiochs to be birthed, to meet the times now here.

PS, I am beyond angry at what is going on, I am furious! And you should be too. Indeed, I am angry BECAUSE I am a Christian. If you are not angry yet, then I doubt your salvation. Maybe YOU are not a Christian. Think about that.

PPS, Food shortages are coming, (did I mention that?) so, please plant a garden and protect it, and then quietly extend and disperse your pantry. A winter of discontent is coming, the likes of which you have never seen.

In closing, may I also say, many thanks to the ‘soon to come off furlough’ and now freelance staff  writers at ‘The Way’ who continue to assist me in my research.

Until next time, Grinchy.



Free Lance Researcher & News Compiler | The Grinch | Published | 2020 | May 17 | 14:00 | DAY 116 OF MY REPORTING |  SCOTTISH LOCKDOWN DAY 56 | World Statistics | 4,681,000 infected, 310,614 dead.

(I am The Grinch, both by name and nature, and, on the whole, I care more about having you informed rather than uplifted. I think that's why ‘The Way’ still uses my services and why I am focussed on the ‘Lock-Step’- driven, King Billy & Melinda ‘Gates of Hell ‘Foundation, Fauci, CCP, Wuhan, 2019 Novel SARS-CoV-2 Virus, COVID-19 (COVID 1984). Enjoy..or not..)


The Views expressed in this Opinion Editorial are entirely the view of The Grinch and do not necessarily reflect the views held by the Editorial Board of ‘The Way, or the Trustees/Directors of 66Books.’


Who is The Grinch? | I met Rev Victor Robert Farrell of ‘The Way’ over 40 years ago when we served together on the same Submarine. Therefore, like him, I am old enough to know better but still young enough possess some fire in my bones. Unlike him though, I have nothing to lose, and consequently, I say what I like, making sure I always like what I say. I am also a great fan of ‘Gonzo’ style types of journalism, as you can probably tell.

I live with my wife, Mrs. Grinch, not Mrs. Hinch, though she has all of her books, though I am not sure if Mrs. Hinch is a follower of Mrs. Grinch? Anyway, having moved out of our council flat in Carnoustie, we now live ‘off the grid’ in a 4 berth caravan parked in a big enough cave up in the Cairngorms with our 5-year-old West Highland Terrier, Maisie. If push comes to shove, we shall eat her, but that’s a long way off as we have been preppers now for years.  Meanwhile, we love her to bits.

I do not have a cell phone, and only communicate with The Way via email, and to do this I have a satellite uplink to the internet. It is old technology, and though the signal redundancy is longer than I would like, it works and it keeps on working. Meanwhile, The Way has instructions to delete all my details PERMANENTLY and once a month to follow the tried and tested, ‘Acid and Hammer Hilary Method’ of Hard-Drive Data Destruction.

I am a Christian, A Bible Believer and I am pro-human. My only goal in life is to speak the truth from a Biblical World View, and that means I am part of the biggest conspiracy theory (so-called) ever! Oh, and yes, like me, don’t like me, I still don’t really care.

Be well.


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