The P.C. brigade have gone mad with banning School Children for not wearing gender neutral uniform

Created on: 6th September 2019

The idea of gender neutral is ridiculous as a person is either born male or female and you cant changed that position medically.

However, Police and Teachers have been criticised for locking school gates to schoolchildren who protested at a new 'gender neutral' uniform policy leaving pupils to wander the streets of a Sussex town.

Angry pupils and parents protested outside the gates of Priory School in Lewes over the clothing policy for the new school year.

But teachers and Sussex Police officers locked the gates on pupils and refused admittance to girls in skirts - and according to one eyewitness officers were actually involved in selecting which students could enter and which would be barred.

He said: 'It was like they were bouncers - they waved some through and stopped others.'

By lunchtime a group of around 50 pupils were seen wandering the streets of the town still holding their placards from the morning's protest.

Maria Caulfield MP said she would be speaking to Sussex Police chief constable Giles York and police and crime commissioner Katy Bourne. She tweeted: 'Very disturbed to see the school turning away girls from Priory school because they choose to wear a skirt and calling the police on them.

'This is not how we should be treating the young women of Lewes'. She added: 'Calling the police on pupils is not the way forward'.

The LGTB influence is all over this and other situations in Schools as they are targeting the education system to brainwash vulnerable Children to think that they can change their sex or become Gay instead of straight. Recent research has shown that the environment plays a much greater role in determine if someone becomes Gay rather that if they were born that way.

We need to pray against this tide of satanic influence and create a normal male and female environment

Posted by Amanda Hopkins

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