Created on: 7th June 2021

I have taken a bit of a sabbatical really, getting our cave in the Cairngorms ready for winter, and our arranging for our caravan,  its annual service. Mrs., Grinch is grumpy, but our dog Grampian is champion, and frankly, that’s all that matters. I wanted to build him a new dog house in the cave, made of hardwood mahogany (good against the damp) but prices of the same have gone up 47%, indeed, even simple new fence panels are much, much more expensive.  The shortages are here, the prices are beginning to rise and you ain’t seen nothing yet.



Yes, the Prince of Darkness, and I am talking about Fauci, that running faucet of foul lies, that cunning cesspit of connivance, that large brown dog turd on the green lawn of truth, well, you get the picture, even he who has had his science fiction book pulled from Amazon, and Narnes & Bobel, after an email trove of troubling proportions was released this past week, also turning all the MSM into back peddling clowns at a circus of Turkeys, as each one tries to explain the reasonableness of a Wuhan Flu Bio-Weapon being released upon the world by the CCP. I told you all that over a year ago, but hey-ho, there you go.



Even so, the smarmy comedy show of Hancock’s’ half hour still continues, as we intend to release the already developed technology of Vaccine passports upon the UK population, (or is that a Mickey Gove decision?)  Either way, I also told you that over a year ago as well. Just saying. Also, it’s good to see the mass ‘die off’ of the 12-18 year olds is about to be halted at last with them now being given the vaccine. Soon it will be toddlers and babies. I say that this will be done by Christmas, and by then, you will be ready for your third dose of your annual Covid vaccine top-up, maybe even quarterly, hell no, why not weekly? In any event,  I also told you that over a year ago as well.



Now then, with the sun out, British footballers all taking a knee, and Cricketer being banned from the game for texts as an older teenager, all making you feel so good, you no doubt think you still are getting back to normal? No, that has gone forever. (Told you that over a year ago as well,) and lockdowns shall be resumed shortly as soon as the 21st of June deadline for stopping them is extended even further. Many, most, poor mugs (no offence meant) still think that they are going to let the world go back to what it was. Buwuhahahah! Dream on. No, the great reset is upon us, as is the alien invasion from abroad, the alien invasion from the skies, the rise of Islam, the insanity of Marxism, the Dollar collapse, earth quakes, solar minimums, asteroid catastrophes, supply shortages, war in the middle east, was against Taiwan with China, terrorism and the Tooting popular front clashing with the armed wing of the Salvation army on the battle-ground  streets of balmy Brixham, hyperinflation, another economic mutilating mutation, forced vaccination, genetic Armageddon and Gay Pride, and so I tell you, it’s gonna be a great end to another crappy year, and that’s for sure.



I say that God is here, right in the middle of all of this judgement for that is what it is. Judgment. How do you stop it? Well, you don’t. Hell is being let loose, Christ has the keys of that damnable place, and those dogs of destruction will not be called back, because He let ‘em out!  This cannot be stopped. I say again, what’s coming cannot be stopped! You need to find lighthouses in this storm, strongholds of Zion in this war, strength and courage.

Anyways, just to let you know that ‘The Grinch’ is back in town and looking forward to cheer you up each weekend with a very gonzo look at all the lies and madness we find ourselves up to our necks in. Until the next lockdown, be well!


Remember, that if the truth alarms you, the problem is not with the truth. Oh, and one more thing before I go today, that sound you hear, is the sound and impact of the technocratic hammer of tyranny falling, and the track and trace and isolate dance macabre which is now well underway as the New World Order tries to push its VACCINATION control and kill agenda.IT IS WAY PAST TIME TO SAY ENOUGH!

Don’t forget that the NWO’s only answer to the Wuhan virus is the New World Order, and its Control Vaccine, as it attempts to warp-speedily implement its plans of World-Wide control to usher in the Anti-Christ, in what history shall record to be the Greatest Depression of all time.

We need a Saviour and I wonder if one shall soon be presented to humanity?

Meanwhile, get to the ‘New Abnormal’ as soon as you can, because your world which you once knew has now gone forever.

The Future is here and it is NOW time for the ‘time-of-the-end’ disciple to arise and for New Antiochs to be birthed, to meet the times now here.

PS, With somewhat full shops, I know you STILL don’t believe it, but…... food shortages are  coming, so, please plant a garden and protect it, and then quietly extend and disperse your pantry. The decade of destruction has begun.

Until next weekend, Grinchy.


Freelance Researcher & News Compiler | The Grinch | Published | 2021 | June 06 | 08:00 | 

(I am The Grinch, both by name and nature, and, on the whole, I care more about having you informed rather than uplifted. I think that's why ‘The Way’ still uses my services.)


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I have a VAST AMOUNT of sources, and having been researching for many, many years, I consequently draw on the historical archives of my memory, which, if you ask my wife, Granada, is not at its best even on sunny days. Oh wait a minute, Granada is our dog. Well, that just goes to prove it. Look, do your own research, for much of what I write about is open source. Don’t be so lazy! You have to ‘search the *Scriptures’ to see if your Pastor is on track, unless you go to Hillsong or any other mainline denominational church where you can guarantee they are off track anyway. Therefore, Google what I tell you and see if it ain’t so. Please note that my Gonzo writing style colours my long-standing research, and then some.

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