The Dead Are Moved By Night

Created on: 21st March 2020

There are so many deaths in Italy that Army convoys are hauling away the corpses at night. That’s right the Italian city of Bergamo, one of the worst-hit by the Wuhan Novel 2019 Coronavirus, COVID-19 outbreak, is having to transport its dead out of the city as its crematorium is struggling to cope. Remember, ‘case, case, case, cluster, cluster, BOOM!’


'Coming Soon,' to a city near you.

The BOOM in the UK and the USA is coming soon. Oh, and by the way, we are not going to be over this in 3 months. Don’t be ridiculous.

Your world has changed forever, therefore in constant prayer, seek what is the ‘New Normal.’  Remember, what is about to unfold, will do so now with break-neck speed.

Think about this, if someone had told you on January 1st 2020 that the whole world would be in this position before the end of Q1,  would you have *‘Adam and Eve’d it?’ Forgive me please, but it is time for brutal bluntness.

The world you have known is gone and it is not coming back. Adjust. Adapt. Step-Up, and come out fighting.


Farm To Fork? Get your own wee farm and prepare to fill your own forks.

Though the UK Prime minister has promised to maintain a ‘farm to fork’ continual connect,  I encourage you to  pray that it is so, but in the meantime, act as though it will not be so and go and  ‘Plant a Garden.’

Seeds, will be the next big things. Get them while you can. 


An extraordinarily large BUST producing lots of BUM Paper

Of course, with the Wuhan Novel 2019 Coronavirus, COVID-19 BOOM!, comes the earth-shattering economic BUST. I am no financier, but I tell you that the whole basis of the Western economy is being speedily eaten away at its very foundations. It might very well collapse, and the dollar, that paper-tiger since its disconnect from Gold, might shortly be useful simply to wipe your bum on. Now that is going to be a BIG PROBLEM problem. A complete financial 'reset' is underway.


Supply Chains Breaking in the USA

In the USA, it is reported that large commercial suppliers of product and materials have quite simply ‘stopped answering their phones.’ The supply lines are collapsing. This means the grocery stores will be further depleted. Big trouble is coming, and it is time to 'get out of Dodge' while you can before a 'Settle in Place' order is issued and drones and hasmat coated troops arrest you (or worse) if you try. 

It is interesting that many CEO’s of large corporations have recently resigned? Like Feinstein and her mob who dumped millions of their stock before the stock market tanked, it is worth considering that some people knew what was coming and got of Dodge ‘real quick,’  and may already be eating Ferror Rocher and Foie Gras in some underground bunker in New Zealand even as I prepare to nip out to Asda and join the muffled crowds trying to hold in their tickly coughs. 

Oh yes, you had better believe it, most of the elite and their minions, I say most, but most certainly not all, are ‘alright Jack,’ thank you very much indeed.  Oh, and while we are talking about *skedoddling  did I tell you, that if you are in a Mega City in the USA, you should get out while you can.


Is a World-Wide Lockdown coming?

U.S. State Dept. has now issued a ‘ Level 4’  health advisory urging all Americans to avoid international travel. Watch now, for in effect, not only local, city, and community and national lockdowns are coming, but even a world-wide coronavirus LOCKDOWN. And all this without any of us really seeing one dead body yet. Now that is beyond extraordinary.

The question needs to be asked, and it will be, is this a loving lockdown to preserve life, or has the line now been crossed to impose a terrifying tyranny?  Oh, and believe me, this lockdown WILL be enforced. The regular Army in the UK has been told to prepare for a 6-month deployment on home ground, and already, I say already in the USA, the national guard is being deployed to long-prepared areas.

Watch now, for the UK & US Government are gearing up for something massive. Remember, I have consistently told you, do not listen to what your government says, but rather, WATCH what they are doing. 


Should we Obey the Governement?

Am I suggesting that you do not listen and obey the Government? By no means. However I am suggesting that you do not totally believe them, nor necessarily take notice of their mouthpieces, especially the established church, but rather, face the facts for yourself, take responsisibility for yourself, and make your own decisions, and in the so doing, take care of yourself, your family, your local church, local neighbour’s and local community.  ( Did you spot the word ‘local? Good.)


A Word to Men in the Church, should there be any left

My friends, and let me talk to the men of the church here (if there are, in fact,  any left in it) be the ‘Sheep of The Lord’s pasture,’ amen and yes, be that.

However, do not be a dumb sheep of this world! Become the rugged individual you now need to quickly become. For God’s glory and your family’s sake, ‘Step UP NOW’ and take responsibility,  For yourself and your family. 


In closing, and on a personal note, I am told now that at 'The Way' that we are now on a ‘War Footing.’ Therfore, as  a now former full-time employee, I am not sure what that means, but I do know that my bunion operation might not ever happen now. Sigh.

In the meantime my friends, Be Blessed, Be well, and Be safe.



Now ‘laid off’ staff writer come new ‘Free Lance Researcher & News Compiler’ | The Grinch | Published | 2020 | March 21 | 08:00|

(I am The Grinch, both by name and nature, writing from deep in my very own underground bunker (my wife calls it our very own shallow grave) and, on the whole, I care more about having you informed rather than uplifted. I think that's why they still use me here at The Way, and why I am focussed on the Virus. Enjoy..or not..)


• 'Adam and Eve'd it.' For our American friends, this is Cockney rhyming slang for, ‘believed it.’  You’re welcome.

• A new variation on the intransitive verb ‘Skedaddle,’ meaning to ‘flee in panic’ or 'to bugger off quickly like your pants are on fire.' (I watched ‘The Professor & The Madman’ the other night, a brilliant movie which I think it has infected me. 


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