The BBC and Chancellor are frustrating the BREXIT process

Created on: 17th July 2017

The BBC the Remoaners Media and the Chancellor have ganged up to frustrate the BREXIT process and the will of the people. There are more people now in favour of what is called a hard BREXIT than at the referendum. 

However, Philip Hammond is deliberately working to "frustrate" Brexit and treating pro-Leave ministers like "pirates who have taken him prisoner", a Cabinet minister has told The Telegraph, in an extraordinary attack on one of the most senior members of the Government.

Branding the Chancellor and his Treasury "the Establishment", the furious senior minister warned of a deep split over how to leave the European Union, launching all-out war as talks restart in Brussels on Monday.

They also revealed a plot to keep a weakened Theresa May in Number 10 in a bid to prevent an early leadership race, warning of a "critical moment" as David Davis flies out to meet his rival negotiators for discussions to set the terms of engagement.

As a result of this situation, other prominent MPs are positioning themselves for a leadership battle, which will do more harm than good at this time, where we need stability. Whether we like it or not we need Theresa May to stay in her position as PM to head up the negotiations, rather than have many months of instability in a leadership race.

The BBC have also been discussed in the Houses of Parliament, as a result of their negative reporting on anything to do with the BREXIT process. According to many MPs all their reporting in based on a “Remoaners” stand point and does not reflect the mood of the people throughout the UK but only a minority in the London bubble. 

Posted by David Pilkington

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