The battle of Christian persicution in the UK is not letting up

Created on: 7th August 2019

Despite a Church minister winning £2,500 for wrongful arrest whilst preaching on the streets, and the last Prime Minister, the daughter of a Church of England vicar, advocating freedom to exercise our Christian faith, millions of Church goers in the UK face subversive daily persicution.

Whilst millions of Christians are facing persecution abroad, in China, India, along with Syria and Iraq, parts of the world where the first Christians lived, we see the birth pangs of persicution in our daily lives in the UK at work, at school and in our community. This persicution is not overt, yet can be devastating, in terms of losing your job, demotion or ridicule.

The Government faced huge criticism earlier this year when Mrs May refused an asylum request for Christian woman Asia Bibi who faced death threats after being acquitted of blasphemy in Pakistan.

We must stand up for the right of everyone, no matter what their religion, to practise their faith in peace.

Meanwhile, campaign groups in Britain claim red tape and prejudice against church values is posing an unprecedented threat to the faith domestically.

In her Easter message, Mrs May celebrated the Christian message of hope and pledged to tackle the persecution of Christians abroad - many have been attacked, killed or forced to flee.

She said: "For millions of Christians in this country and around the world, Easter is a particularly special time, when we remember the powerful message at the heart of our Christian faith.

However, Christians face further issues this year with the forced introduction of LGBT lessons for Children from the age of 5 upwards. There have already been protests against this minority sector of our society, whos aim is to corrupt innocent minds into their worldly, unbiblical, satanic way of living.

Therefore, Christians need to stand together in the face of these on-going challenges to our faith, whether to protect our Children, our friends or colleagues who are under attack, just for wanting to live out their faith and walk with Jesus.

Posted by Amanda Hopkins

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