Teenage Muslim girl fears for her life after rejecting Islam

Created on: 7th January 2019

Muslims claim that their faith is a religion of peace, yet we keep hearing of stories that go against this statement. On Sunday a Saudi woman has barricaded herself inside a Bangkok hotel room to avoid being returned to her family who she says will kill her after she renounced Islam. 

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, 18, ran away from her family while they were on a trip to Kuwait three days ago and had flown to Thailand in the hope of reaching Australia to seek asylum.

But she has been at Bangkok airport since Saturday when she was denied entry by Thai immigration officials. They deny her claims that she was detained at the behest of the Saudi government.

The teenager was due to have been marched onto a flight back to Kuwait this morning - but she never boarded the plane and has posted a clip on Twitter of her barricading her hotel door with a table, mattresses and a chair. 

This morning, Rahah, who says her family has subjected her to physical and psychological abuse, told MailOnline: 'I am okay but I am not sure what my family or the Saudi embassy are going to do. I have to go to another country soon.'

She has claimed she was tricked into giving up her passport on arrival in Bangkok - but the Saudi Foreign Ministry denied its embassy had seized the document and say she was stopped at the airport for violating Thai immigration laws. 

Abdulilah al-Shouaibi, charge d'affaires at Bangkok's Saudi embassy, has, however, acknowledged that the woman's father contacted them for 'help' to bring her back. 

This morning, a human rights lawyer filed an injunction at Bangkok's Criminal Court to prevent Rahaf, who has been sending out desperate pleas for help over social media, from being deported.  

'When we suspect that someone might be illegally detained, we request for the court to call the relevant authorities (in) for questioning,' said Nadthasiri Bergman, adding that she was awaiting the court's decision. 

Rahaf fled her 'abusive' family while travelling in Kuwait, and had flown to Thailand in the hopes of reaching Australia to seek asylum. But she was stopped in Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport by Kuwaiti and Saudi embassy officials, she said, and has since been held in an airport hotel awaiting deportation. 

She said a Saudi official in the Thai airport confiscated her passport after her father reported her for travelling without her male 'guardian'. He claimed she was mentally ill but failed to provide any evidence.

Posted by Amanda Hopkins

Extract from www.dailymail.co.uk

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posted by john on 18-01-19

Islam allows, even encourages its supporters to lie if it enables them to gain an advantage. The claim that islam is a 'religeon of peace' can be seen as faLSE AS MORE MUSLIMS ARE KILLED BY OTHER MUSLIMS THEN ANY OTHER GROUP AND OFTEN BECAUSE THEY ARE THE 'WRONG' SORT OF MUSLIM.

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