Sports minister Tracey Crouch resigns over gambling rules

Created on: 2nd November 2018

The sports minister Tracey Crouch has resigned because of the government's delay to change the amount a gambler can bet in one go. 

The Conservative MP for Chatham and Aylesford wrote on twitter: "It is with great sadness I have resigned from one of the best jobs in Government. Thank you so much for all the very kind messages of support I have received throughout the day. Politicians come and go but principles stay with us forever."

Crouch attached her letter of resignation to the Prime Minister which begins: "Your personal support earlier this year for a reduction in the stake of fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) was incredibly welcome" and says the move was a 'real reflection' of the Prime Minister's ambitions to support vulnerable people. 

However, she continues: "Unfortunately, implementation of these changes are now being delayed until October 2019 due to the commitments made by others to those with registered interests."

She adds that this delay will earn the gambling industry £1.6bn, mostly gleaned from "our most deprived areas, including my won constituency". 

"In addition, two people will tragically take their lives every day due to gambling related problems and for that reason as much as any other I believe this delay is unjustifiable". 

FOBTs have been dubbed the ‘crack cocaine of gambling’ as they are highly addictive and gamblers can bet £100 every 20 seconds on the machines.

The government announced in May this year that they would make a huge reduction in the amount you could bet each time, down to £2. 

However, the Government said this week that this would not happen for another 12 months. 

Posted by David Pilkington

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posted by john on 12-11-18

One could understand if they said it was due to preasure of brexit, but this putting it off smacks of intervention by interested parties.

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