Sex education directives issues by Church of England

Created on: 29th November 2019

As a result of the satanic push by the Government, which has been underpinned and directed by the LGBT and other likeminded groups, to force their deprived views and agenda on our Nations children, The Church of England has published a new Charter.

This new charter sets out the principles that schools should apply in delivering the mandatory relationships and sex education (RSE) curriculum when it rolls out in September 2020.

The curriculum includes teaching about LGBT relationships, a component that has already sparked protests outside schools in parts of the country. Both Muslim and Christian Parents have united in protest over the indoctrination of their Children by the LGBT brigades. 

The Church of England said it "welcomes" the new curriculum, although it expects it to be delivered in an "age-appropriate" and "faith-sensitive" way, and in consultation with parents.

"All schools and academies are required to act within the requirements of the law, including the Equality Act of 2010," it states in an introduction to the Charter.

"The Church of England welcomes, supports and expects the teaching of Relationships and Health Education in all Church of England primary schools.

"It is up to each primary school to decide whether they wish to choose to teach some aspects of Sex Education but we encourage schools (following consultation with parents) to offer age- appropriate provision.

"In Church of England secondary schools Relationships, Sex and Health Education will be taught. In all schools where Sex Education is taught parents will have the right to withdraw their children from that part of the curriculum 'other than as part of the science curriculum'."

The Charter lays out eight key commitments for schools to adopt, including working in partnership with parents and carers. However, the continual onslaught from both Government and other groups is devaluing both the Christian faith and the ability of Parents to bring up their Children based on the word of God.

It is essential that Parents whether there are Church going or not, stand up to these dictatorial, corrupt and child abusive directives, which will only further corrupt innocent lives.

We are without doubt living in the end times!

Posted by Amanda Hopkins

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