Senior Scientologist beaten and tortured

Created on: 27th April 2012

Debbie Cook who was a senior Scientologist, claimed she was imprisoned and tortured by the controversial religion's tyrannical leadership has settled her case out of court.

Debbie was one of Scientology's top executives before she quit in 2007, is not receiving any money following the conclusion of her legal wrangle with the Church.

The 50-year-old had claimed she was forcibly taken by two large men to 'The Hole' - a pair of double wide trailers at Scientology International Base in the southern California desert.

Her version of events was contested by the organisation - but the two parties have now agreed to let the matter lie. The church has dropped its demand for damages against Cook and her husband Wayne Baumgarten. (This is as long as they never 'printing, post or disseminate [...] defamatory or disparaging material against any of the Church Parties, either directly or indirectly')

The world was given an insight into the controversial religion when Cook sent a shock email denouncing the Chairman, David Miscavige.

The message, which accused the chairman of hoarding and mismanaging funds, went out to 12,000 members just minutes after midnight on New Year's Day.
The Church immediately sought an injunction. But continued efforts to silence her backfired when she repeated claims she was held prisoner for 45 days in a crowded, ant-infested trailer.

Cook had previously told ABC News 'When I was there it had bars on the windows and security guards posted at the one door for entering and exiting. And this was where a number of executives from management level were held for varying lengths of time.'

There are similar cases in the UK where Scientology have their main headquarters in East Grinstead. If you go against their rules and regulations you can be locked away, or your business, family and friends persecuted.

The Church of Scientology was established in 1954 by science-fiction writer L Ron Hubbard, who claimed that each human being has hidden secret powers required for the lifelong journey towards spiritual freedom and happiness. The Church holds that humans are descended from an exiled race of aliens called Thetans.

We will leave it up to you to make up your own mind, whether this is an organisation, you want to get involved with!

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posted by Chuck Beatty on 28-04-12

I met Debbie Cook in 1980ish, at Clearwater, at the Scientology movement's "Mecca church". She's a good woman, like are most existing and ex Scientologists, they're all normal human beings. I'm an ex Scientologists, was in for 27 years in the lifetime (religious order) staff ranks, 1975-2003 and I spent 7 years at Clearwater (Dec 75 til Jun 1983). I then went on to work at the secret (no longer secret) headquarters outside Hemet, California, of Scientology. I wasnt there when Debbie was being humiliated and hazed in the recent outrageous fad fashion that Scientology leader David Miscaivge has pushed, but I was at the Gilman Hot Springs facility about 2 years total, spread over 13 years. And I was on the \"Rehabilitation Project Force\" for fallen Sea Org members (religious order staff) out at Happy Valley, which is the facility for fallen top admin staffers. A big point I tell all citizens I interact with today, is that the "upper levels" (secret in the past, but no longer secret since these rituals are online for all to read and listen to freely today) are exorcism. Not just one or two demons being exorcised, but L. Ron Hubbard thought all human beings are infested with hundreds of thousands of dead space alien souls, and that these souls must be exorcised. Scientology has 8 "upper levels." 5 of the 8 "upper levels" are high volume exorcism of dead space alien souls. That is now publicly accessible information for people willing to look and listen to what L. Ron Hubbard wrote and what he spoke. YouTube contains short clips of Hubbard telling of the Xenu story. This Xenu story explains why, per Hubbard, there is this massive surplus of dead alien souls roaming earth in HUGE volumes, and these souls supposedly infest all of us. What all Christians ought know, is that Scientology\'s no longer secret "upper levels\" are high volume exorcism, that takes most Scientologists years of paid fixed donations to complete their exorcism. I run a 866-XSEAORG toll free phone number helping advise people on leaving Scientology today. Even though I'm personally an atheist, I work freely with Christians who "tell it like it is" when it comes to Scientology's religious practices. Chuck Beatty 866-XSEAORG Pittsburgh

posted by CuddlyOne on 30-04-12

Sounds like Mr. Beatty is off his meds. If there's any credibility to this lady's claims, the police would have been investigating this since she spoke out. Surely, she kept some kind of physical evidence. I say she should present it, if she's got it. If not, if she didn't save some kind of tangible proof, the whole thing sounds like a money-motivated play for settlement or some other consideration. As the old saying goes, follow the (desire for) money.

posted by Tracy on 30-04-12

If she's lying why did the cult settle? Surely they would like to keep it going. Sue her for thousands and clear their name. The reason they settled was to shut her up. Scientology doesn't settle.... They sue! You should demand an explanation from your so called "church". Or are you scared they'll sue you too?

posted by William Robe on 30-04-12

Oh what a surprise, an agent of Scientology's "Office of Special Affairs" here to commit libel against Chuck Beatty. Well I am here to say that Chuck Beatty is right on. Scientology is a bait-and-switch - they sell you on courses that supposedly are going to make you an enhanced being - a "Homo Novis" or "New Human" as L Ron Hubbard put it. As Chuck says, the crazy Xenu Alien spirits stuff comes into play in the upper "OT" levels of the cult indoctrination. People in Scientology who haven't reached that level are lied to - they are told there is no Xenu, or they are told it's not a big part of the practice. Actor Jason Beghe left Scientology after having achieved level OT V when he came to learn that the space alien souls exorcism that Scientology denies is actually real. Worse yet, Beghe found that indoctrination of these levels was psychologically disturbing, and did not yield the superhuman powers that are promised as outcomes of these levels. Jason Beghe now tells people that Scientology is "very dangerous for your spiritual, psychological, mental, emotional health and evolution."

posted by Simon on 30-04-12

It doesnt take much research to find out everything Debbie Cook says is true. Please read - Inside Scientology - Janet Reitman. Its an amazing read. Also, Blown for Good - Marc Headly - I coudnt put this book down. for further research, try Village Voice, Tony Ortega. He writes a regular column called Running Scared. Its a brilliant introduction for anyone wanting to know more. I am in London - I have researched my own information on what a crook Ron was. Please read and educate yourself and others.

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