School force pupils to take Yoga

Created on: 29th October 2014

Students of the Encinitas Union School District in the US are being forced to participate in yoga classes. The Pacific Justice Institute are currently fighting the school on the issue and have filed a brief this week in support of a case that seeks to bar the school from pushing students into unbiblical activity.

They argue that since the Court has excluded teacher-led prayers from the public school classroom, the brief calls on the court to treat other religious practices, like Yoga, the same way.

According to Charisma news, the class is funded by an outside organisation and teach Ashtanga yoga which promotes the Yogic belief system of eight limbs- or eight goals- which bring unity to God. Many of the practices taught by yoga teachers at the school require students to perform religious acts, such as praying to the sun! Brad Dacus, President of PJI, informed Charisma news that:

“By all means, Pacific Justice Institute is here to protect the religious rights of individuals and families.””This school district has essentially adopted a state religion and is forcing it upon our young children by requiring the class to be taken. These actions violate the fundamental right of parents to raise their children according to their beliefs, and they disregard the Constitution that this nation was founded upon.” State Attorney, Michael Peffer added:

“The secular world has worked hard pushing Christianity from public schools. In supporting this lawsuit, PJI is saying, ‘we are not going to stand by and watch purportedly secular schools engage children in religious practices of any nature.”

Posted by Amanda Hopkins

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posted by Erica Acosta on 13-01-15

It's so funny how Christianity is constantly thrown out of schools, but other religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism are freely welcomed and even taught in schools. Schools are becoming one big contradiction. If you want to remove religion, then that means ALL religion. The word of God is so powerful that it's the only doctrine that's targeted. That should tell these people something. I'll be praying for our schools, teachers, parents, and students. Maranotha!

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