Created on: 28th June 2020

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Eton-educated ex-oilman Wallace Welby, has said that he would be looking at the monuments in Canterbury Cathedral “very carefully” to see if they all “should be there”. Archbishop Wallace and his dog Gromit, are both spineless servants of the cult of woke. The continuing and utter skirt-sniveling compromise of the Church of England is not news I know, but it is very clear to see nevertheless. Do you see where all this is leading? 



The devil and evil have been around a long time and play a long-game. Their plans are long-standing and extensive, well-resourced and laying in waiting. The good news is that God plays a much longer game. He cannot be out-resourced, He cannot be out-planned, He cannot be out-maneuvred, indeed, He cannot be outed in any way whatsoever. However, the leap that we make from this fact to God therefor ultimately ‘doing us good’ is a strange leap indeed, especially as it flies in the face of both His character and His warnings. I tell you, that God is no longer intent on doing the West any good. He is intent on destroying us. A systemic antichristian-machine that murders human babies by the millions shall be destroyed. A systemic antichristian-machine that disrupts the genetic chromosome-based order of God, shall be destroyed. A systemic antichristian-political-machine that dishonours His Word, and His Word made flesh, whilst at the same time also corrupting His people, and turning over His order, shall be destroyed. A church that is compromised, cowardly, and spreading confusion, a church that evidences the loss of its first love by whoring with the enemy, shall be destroyed. 

God is no longer intent on doing the West any good. He is intent on destroying us. It’s all over. There shall be no revival.



The Church, the Education system, the Mainstream-media, the Corporatocracy, The Judicial system, Politics, the Police and the Armed forces, have all been infiltrated and are now directed by deep-state leftist NWO forces. This cannot be redeemed and no election will change it. The pandemic, engineered or accidental, provided an opportunity to implement the next, and the next, strategic destruction of the old West. This has been grasped by all hands. For the final stages of their communist overthrow to be implemented, America must fall, and when she does, (and I believe she will) what comes after, is murder. 



So in the coming weeks and months we shall see this black-dance continue apace, for death at midnight always plays a dance tune, especially as the White-Judeo-Christian West is dying, indeed it is being murdered, for the cock has crowed and the decayed bones are cracking in rottenness to the core. 

What will this dark-dance look like? It will look like riot, it will look like capitulation, it will look like segregation, it will look like indignation, it will look like collapse, it will look like hunger, it will look like hopelessness, it will look like local lockdowns, it will look like forced vaccinations, it will look like separation, it will look like Rachel weeping for her children. 



No, for this destruction is determined by the Almighty. 



The dark days of winter begin in 119 days time. Until then, the summer-euphoria will be seen to teeter on madness. The government inconsistency of message, coupled with consistency of the NWO communist takeover (‘any dream will do’ to achieve their goals) will see their gains pounded home, while the majority British people pursue their own twin summer goals of another piss-up and another holiday. Oh, ‘footballs’ coming home alright, and the British people are in for, quite literally, one hell of a kicking. The dark days of winter begin in 119 days. Get ready, I say again, get ready, because you ain’t seen nothing yet. More black-surprises are on the way.



(1) Become resilient. The waves will buffet the church like never before. Adapt, morph, slip, slide, and hide. Yes, the church, the real church, in comparison to what it has been, shall be forced underground. Learn to live underground. This necessity to do so may well begin in 2021, but I expect it more toward 2026. Those with ears to hear, let them hear.

(2) Be happy. Be Joyful. Be confident in God. Avoid suffering for stupidities sake and for wrong actions but be prepared to suffer for righteousness sake.

(3) Become wise. Watch out for the enemy and win souls. 

(4) Cluster together. Know those of like mind and like heart. Be with them, Beware of the Judas spirit, for THAT MURDERER IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE.

(5) Be given to hospitality, in the form of succour, safety, and sustenance. 

(6) Watch, look up, for your salvation is coming soon.


Finally, remember, that if the truth alarms you, the problem is not with the truth. Grow up.

Oh, and one more thing before I go today, that sound you hear, is the sound and impact of the technocratic hammer of tyranny falling, and the track and trace and isolate dance macabre which is now well underway as the New World Order tries to push its control and kill agenda. IT IS TIME TO SAY ENOUGH!

Remember, the NWO’s only answer to the ‘Lock-Step’- driven, King Billy & Melinda Gates of Hell Foundation, Fauci, CCP, Wuhan, 2019 Novel SARS-CoV-2 Virus, COVID-19 (COVID 1984)  is the New World Order, and its Control Vaccine, as it attempts to speedily implement its plans of World-Wide control to usher in the Anti-Christ, in what history shall record to be the Greatest Depression of all time.

We need a Saviour and I wonder if one shall soon be presented to humanity?

Meanwhile, get to the ‘New Abnormal’ as soon as you can, because your world which you once knew has now gone forever.

The Future is here and it is NOW time for the ‘time-of-the-end’ disciple to arise and for New Antiochs to be birthed, to meet the times now here.

PS, I am beyond angry at what is going on, I am furious! And you should be too. Indeed, I am angry BECAUSE I am a Christian. If you are not angry yet, then I doubt your salvation. Maybe YOU are not a Christian. Think about that.

PPS, Food shortages are still coming, so, please plant a garden and protect it, and then quietly extend and disperse your pantry. Without a public uprising, a dark, dark, winter of discontent could be our portion, the likes of which we have never seen before, followed by a decade of destruction.

Until next Sunday, Grinchy.


Freelance Researcher & News Compiler | The Grinch | Published | 2020 | June 28 | 11:00 | 

(I am The Grinch, both by name and nature, and, on the whole, I care more about having you informed rather than uplifted. I think that's why ‘The Way’ still uses my services.)


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Who is The Grinch? (by The Grinch)| I met Rev Victor Robert Farrell of ‘The Way’ over 40 years ago when we served together on the same Submarine. Therefore, like him, I am old enough to know better but still young enough possess some fire in my bones. Unlike him though, I have nothing to lose, and consequently, I say what I like, making sure I always like what I say. I am also a great fan of ‘Gonzo’ style types of journalism, as you can probably tell.

I live with my wife, Mrs. Grinch, not Mrs. Hinch, though she has all of her books, though I am not sure if Mrs. Hinch is a follower of Mrs. Grinch? Anyway, having moved out of our council flat in Carnoustie, we now live ‘off the grid’ in a 4 berth caravan parked in a big enough cave up in the Cairngorms with our 5-year-old West Highland Terrier, Maisie. If push comes to shove, we shall eat her, but that’s a long way off as we have been preppers now for years.  Meanwhile, we love her to bits.

I do not have a cell phone, and only communicate with The Way via email, and to do this I have a satellite uplink to the internet. It is old technology, and though the signal redundancy is longer than I would like, it works and it keeps on working. Meanwhile, The Way has instructions to delete all my details PERMANENTLY and once a month to follow the tried and tested, ‘Acid and Hammer Hilary Method’ of Hard-Drive Data Destruction.

I am a Christian, A Bible Believer and I am pro-human. My only goal in life is to speak the truth from a Biblical World View, and that means I am part of the biggest conspiracy theory (so-called) ever! Oh, and yes, like me, don’t like me, I still don’t really care.


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