Pro life students create massive adverts in Time`s Square

Created on: 15th April 2019

The pro-life student association Students for Life of America is sponsoring a giant video advertisement this week in Manhattan’s Times Square, speaking out against New York’s “abortion extremism.”

The ad is running for three days and ran while SFLA hosted its annual gala event in New York City on Wednesday.

This year, the SFLA gala is titled “Called to Bring Light to the Darkness.” The event is being held in a state that passed earlier this year a law that effectively legalizes abortion until birth, something only seven other states had done previously.

The bill signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo garnered much national media attention and drew the outrage of pro-lifers across the nation.

“When I asked our supporters if they wanted to send a pro-life message in Times Square, the answer was a resounding YES,” SFLA President Kristan Hawkins said in a statement.

The video advertisement is 15 seconds long and is being displayed in a rotation along with other advertisements on a 50-foot-tall video screen.

As the ad is rotating about every three minutes, it will be seen a minimum of 720 times. SFLA expects that it will be seen by tens of thousands of people, if not more.

The SFLA ad features three women holding up pro-life protest signs that include links to

“I don’t trust Planned Parenthood,” one sign reads. “Today, Planned Parenthood will end the lives of 910 human beings.”
The second sign in the advertisement reads: “I reject abortion extremism.”

Posted by Amanda Hopkins

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