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Drains! I have been working on drains, the kitchen sink plugged up and I went down into the basement to put my ‘snake’ into the rodding eye and clear the drain. Just a small problem I thought!  A couple of years ago I re-plumbed this particular drain line so I was not expecting it to take long. How wrong can you be? I ended up spending my whole Saturday afternoon on it and still not fixed at the end. Oh dear! The infestation with black gunge was bad - so bad that I had to spend my evening last night putting in a new rodding eye further back up the line so I could clear the blockage. 

It brings me to this thought, the way they plumb here in America is sometimes a little different than in the UK but drains are still drains. Bad drains, wherever you find them, still stink!



Over the same weekend I learned that American military had been deployed to two server farms, one in Germany and one in Spain. “What was that all about?” You might ask, “I didn’t see that on the news.” The sad truth is you won’t because the mainstream media is hiding the dirty stinking truth. The stench rising from that truth is worse, much worse than my drains, worse than most of us can imagine.


The reported US Military intervention revolves around computerized voting systems. These voting systems rely upon server farms to crunch and manage the data and the farms, located in Germany and Spain, according to US Congressman, Louie Gohmert, were the focus of a US Army raid. The US government and in particular the Trump administration has been seeking evidence. That evidence is beginning to leak out and according to allegations being made by Sidney Powell, a former Assistant US Attorney and now a member of President Trump’s legal team, it appears to entail a massive voter fraud scam involving corporations, elected officials and intelligence agencies. Right about this point is when we experience what is known as cognitive dissonance. When the scale and scope of the scam boggles our minds, they refuse to believe what they are being told. 



It took me a long time to go and investigate the ‘new’ part of my plumbing system because I knew or ‘thought I knew’ that part of the system to be good and replaced just a few years ago. In the end it was the evidence that pushed me to investigate what I knew to be new and ‘good’ pipework. However, when I did I discovered pipes that had bowed under the pressure and provided a trap and a resting place for dirty stinking rotten black stuff that now blocked my drain. The only solution was to cut the new pipes and make an entry point so the evil smelling gunge could be rodded though and removed.

Recently the Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a statement claiming this election was “the most secure in America history.” 

On first blush, as released, the statement appeared to be a government press release but a closer look, afforded by Epoch Times reporting, reveals the uncomfortable truth, that the voting machine manufacturers were a part of the committee that authored the statement.

Serious concerns about this all ‘too cosy’ relationship appear to be the reason why the Director of the CISA was fired by President Trump who tweeted that the head of the CISA had released a “highly inaccurate statement.”



Conflicts of interest abound as one digs further into the story. One allegation made this week by Sidney Powell relates to the Smartmatic voting system, Mrs. Powell related on the Fox Business Network that one of her witnesses, a high ranking military officer, had given an affidavit alleging that Smartmatic agreed to built a system for Hugo Chavez in Venezuela that was designed to switch votes without leaving a trace. This witness further stated that during elections as results were being monitored in real time, and the wrong party was winning, it became necessary to stop the count for a couple of hours in order to adjust the machines. When Trump appeared to be winning in the early hours of Nov 4th the count was inexplicably stopped. 

Amazingly, according to Fox Business host Lou Dobbs, the chairman of Smartmatic is on Biden’s transitional team.

Both Smartmatic and Dominion voting systems deny the allegations. However with high profile, successful and respected lawyers like Sidney Powell and former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, on his team President Trump is pursuing a vigorous legal offensive with at around a dozen ongoing legal challenges currently in play.



It is important to understand that both Mrs Powell and Rudy Giuliani are very experienced federal prosecutors. Within the United States there are basically two separate legal systems. Each state of course has its own court system where state crimes and civil cases are tried. However federal crimes are tried in federal courts and have a whole different set of rules and procedures. 

Sidney Powell says,

“We are talking about hundreds of thousands of votes.”

“President Trump won this election in a landslide, It’s going to be irrefutable, patriots are coming forth every day, all day, faster than we can collect their information.”

Powell says,

“This is essentially a new American Revolution and anybody who wants this country to remain free needs to step up right now. There needs to be a massive criminal investigation. These are federal felonies, changing a ballot is a federal felony.”

These are strong words. Especially given that President Trump has been greatly disappointed by appointee’s like his first attorney general who appeared to wimp out on any push back at all. In fact after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation President Trump is alleged to have said, “Where’s my Roy Cohn.” Roy Cohn shot to national fame in 1954 as chief counsel to US Senator Joseph McCarthy during his communist investigations.

Cohn’s later reputation as a fearless attack dog lawyer in private practice in New York appears to have been an inspiration to Donald Trump. While it would be highly inappropriate to compare Powell to Cohn in terms of morals and lifestyle (Cohn was ultimately disbarred and died of AIDS), what is clear is that like Cohn, Powell is wholly unafraid. She concluded a recent interview with Lou Dobbs by stating with a calm assurance, accompanied by a just hint of a smile,

“I’m going to release the Kraken.”

Listening to her one felt that she actually had the goods to take on the swamp creatures that have held sway in America’s powerful federal agencies for years. It may be that President Trump has finally found the loyal defenders he should have had alongside him from the outset. 



Don’t write Trump off yet, my gut says he is digging in for the fight of his life and if you are looking for more evidence to that effect look no further than the changes going on this week in the Pentagon.

Last week the President fired Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, the same Mark Esper who stood down the 82nd Airborne during the riots in Washington DC, when Trump wanted to use them to protect the White House. Today the incoming Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller restructured the military chain of command making special forces from all branches of the military directly answerable to the Secretary of Defense, via a Trump loyalist,  Ezra Cohen-Watnick, who is Trump’s 34-year-old Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations.

This means that Special Forces no longer answer to the Joint Chiefs who have pushed back against the president more than once.

Will President Trump finally make good on his promise to drain the swamp? We shall see, but meanwhile I can finally report that my drains are clear. The black grunge is gone! I can only hope it is an omen for America.


Freelance Researcher & News Compiler | John Parsons | Published | 2020 | November 20 | 05:00 |



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