Pop star gets flack for her song - I Fell In Love With the Devil

Created on: 9th July 2019

Avril Lavigne, known for falling in love with a "Sk8er Boi," is now catching flack for a song about falling in love with the devil.

"I Fell In Love With the Devil," the fourth single off of her new album out last month, seems to be more about a toxic relationship than actually declaring her love for Satan -- but Christian fans are not happy.

"I fell in love with the devil. Someone send me an angel," Lavigne sings, adding "please save me from this hell...it's killing me."

Not a great encouragement to vulnerable young people who are her fans. The "Complicated" singer posted an image on Saturday of her in the woods wearing black

"You need Jesus," one commenter wrote, referencing her first single from the album "Head Above Water," which references reaching out to God.

"God saved you and blessed you with another opportunity to choose. Now you have this crap?"

She added: "Get your soul right with Jesus. Only one who can save you, yet you hold his cross and blaspheme his name? I pray for your salvation."

Another said: "Are u Christian? Or you are mocking of (sic) Jesus?"

Others said they were unfollowing her, but most of her fans expressed love for the new song and look.

Posted by Amanda Hopkins

Extract from https://www.foxnews.com

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