Parliament is flying in the face of democracy

Created on: 10th December 2018

France is battling riots, Germany is feeling like the 1930`s with civil unrest, Spain, Portugal and Greece are on their knees financially and there are still many people in Great Britain who want to join this crumbing dictatorship, called the EU. 

Recent press release say we can reverse BREIXT. Do we really want to be part of a Political project that will dictate our every move and eventually implode on itself?

This week will be interesting in Politics, as the Prime Minister tries to battle through her plan to tie us into the EU without a say, but when interviewed always quotes that she is delivering what the people have vote for! As Pontius Pilot said “What is truth” 

We are in very difficult times, as the vast majority of people do not realise that we have a major constitution crisis. We have a standing Prime Minister along with civil servants and some of her cabinet, who are flying in the face of democracy. 

The people have voted, Parliament has passed Article 50 and voted to deliver BREXIT, yet we have been working through a web if lies and deceit never seen before in Parliament. A century ago this would have been enough to invoke a charge of treason, yet in the year 2018, truth, honour, duty and an obligation to serve the people of this Country has been totally disregarded. 

We live in unchartered waters, with the people who hold power, playing their own selfish moves in order to gain the right position in the end game, whatever that may be. The vast majority of people have lost respect for their MPs in the last two years, which has exposed the hypocrisy and infighting never seen before. However, there is light at the end of this dark tunnel, as we Christians believe that God is sovereign over this Nation and will work through His plans and purposes for this once great Country.  

There are tens of thousands of Christians fasting and praying to be released from this demonic power we call the EU, who has dominated our Country for the last 40 years. In the last two world wars we fought for freedom democracy and liberty, which has been signed away in treaties, by our Prime Ministers, leaving us in a position where we are not honouring the millions who died in the last two world wars, to keep this Nation free from a demonic dicatorial foreign power. 

This is a battle we must win to preserve our heritage, our way of life, our Christian faith, our borders, our laws, our fishing and farming industry, our standing as a Sovereign Nation. However, I thank God that when we feel out of control, He in in control, because He rules this earth, over our Parliament, this land and He will have His way. 

Posted by David Pilkington


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posted by Peter on 10-12-18

Yes the Prime Minister is ducking and diving to preserve her future rather than the future of this Country

posted by Sam on 10-12-18

The latest statement to push back the vote so that the PM can cook up another deal with the EU will only add more anger to both MPs and the public, because she is not delivering BREXIT.

posted by James on 10-12-18

Who can believe what the PM says anymore. She has gone back on her own red lines and is in the pocket of the EU. Any deal she does will not reflect the will of the people and this Parliament is not only undemocratic as this article says, but they are shooting themselves in the foot, if they think the public are going to vote again.

posted by john on 11-12-18

Well you may get your way. If the vote, when ever it happens is lost. Mrs May may have to have a second referendum and it is likely that as people are fed up with brixit that they will vote to stay in the eu. What you all fail to realize is that to negotiate both parties have to be willing to move. How do you suggest an immovable position like that of the eu be changed?

posted by Many on 11-12-18

In reply to Johns comment. The EU has always been the rule giver and we in the UK have been the rule taker, therefore the only way to move out of this mess is to walk away and go down the WTO root. We already have all the protocols in place, as we are using this system with other Counties. If we did this, we would get the EU running to make a deal, as they have much more to lose in trade deals than we have.

posted by James on 11-12-18

I think the issue with Theresa May is that she has tried to accommodate all the demands of the Remainers which is not what the people votes for, whether you like the decision or not. That is called democracy, therefore the only way out of this mess is to go for what is called a hard BREXIT

posted by John on 13-12-18

Politics is the art of the possible, not 'wish fulfillment" if Mrs May looses just who is going to take her place or how will Corbin deal with the EU? As for walking away. You can find out what that means. Walk away from your phone provider,gas,electric, insurance providers. What would happen? Just how do you think our government would negotiate with other governments with a reputation of just abandoning treaties and contracts. Whether you like it we have contracts and treaties with the EU. They have to be negotiated how we leave.

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