NCA reveal shocking increase in UK human trafficking

Created on: 11th March 2014

According to monitoring reports from the National Crime Agency (NCA), the number of potential sex-trafficked victims has increased dramatically in the UK between 2012 and 2013. The NCA has reported a 155 per cent increase since 2012, the monitoring system reflected 56 UK born children as possible victims of the sex trafficking industry.

A smaller increase of potential victims (11%) from foreign-born children in the UK was also reported, bringing the total number up to 88. The figures revealed that 1,746 people from 112 different countries were victims of human trafficking, with 1,122 of those female and 450 children. Thus showing a 47% rise in potential victims from 2012-2013.

These shocking figures reflect that more needs to be done by the UK Government to stop human trafficking. Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF UK, Anita Tiessen, was quoted in saying to MSN that:

“Trafficked children-regardless of whether they’re born in the UK or born elsewhere and trafficked into the UK- face violence, exploitation and abuse of the most unimaginable kind.”

“The upcoming Modern Slavery Bill offers the UK a chance to develop world-leading anti-trafficking legislation and Theresa May must seize this opportunity to protect trafficking’s most vulnerable victims- children.”

Lynda Rose, the UK Director of the Voice For Justice commented on the issue to Christian Concern:

“Human trafficking is an appalling and degrading crime that creates misery for the victims, destroying their lives.” “But traffickers are difficult to catch, and the true scale of the problem remains unknown. I suspect.”

“The figures released, though shocking don’t even scratch the surface.”

“Whether it’s sexual exploitation, domestic or agricultural servitude, or straight crime, somewhere near you today there’s a victim of trafficking.” “The new anti-slavery bill is to be welcomed as an attempt to deal with the traffickers and protect victims.”

International reports state that every 30 seconds a person becomes a victim of human trafficking! If you’d like to support the fight against human trafficking, please consider partnering and supporting the efforts made by the A21 campaign founded by International Speaker Christine Cain. 

Click on the link to find out more about supporting this vital campaign:

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