MAF save five lives in just one flight

Created on: 7th October 2019

For over 70 years, MAF has been flying light aircraft over jungles, mountains, swamps and deserts to save lives. What began as an impossible day for flying became a blessing in disguise when a delayed MAF flight meant more lives were saved.

In Papua New Guinea, a call is received requesting an emergency medical flight for Ester – a young woman fighting for her life after a difficult labour earlier that day.

A frustrated crew returns to its base unable to complete the flight due to bad weather. Pilots Mathias Glass and Ryan Cole pray that she will survive the night.

In the morning, as Mathias and Ryan prepare to depart, MAF is radioed again. Osa is struggling to deliver a breeched baby; both mother and child are in serious trouble. Kolina, another young patient, is experiencing chronic intestinal issues and needs to be referred to the main hospital in Tabubil.

Around 7.30am, one patient becomes five when another request comes in for tuberculosis patient Lucy, who needs lifesaving medical care.

Thanks to our pilots’ expertise, MAF’s ability to respond and the Lord’s perfect timing through bad weather, all five patients reach Tabubil hospital. Each woman receives the treatment she so desperately needs.

Could you help us be the difference between life and death?

Its costs £60 to fund a life-saving flight like the one Ester, Osa, Kolina and Lucy were on. Please consider giving a gift today.

Posted by David Pilkington

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