London shopkeepers threatened with 40 lashes for selling alcohol

Created on: 14th December 2013

After the conviction of  the 'Muslim Patrol' who were jailed at the Old Bailey for repeatedly trying to enforce Sharia law in East London, restaurants and shops in one of London’s most popular locations for office Christmas parties, have been warned they face 40 lashes if they continue selling alcohol.

This is outrageous! The fact that the Police along with the Government are so PC will mean that this intimidation will go unchecked. If Christians started preaching in the Streets of any Muslim Country, they would get arrested, imprisoned or killed.

According to the Vatican and several human rights groups, a staggering 100,000 Christians are killed annually because of their faith and this anti-Christian violence is on the rise in countries like Pakistan, Nigeria and Egypt.

However, back in the UK we seems to be oblivious to this fact and alow Isalmic preachers to go unchecked. One of these is Anjem Choudary,  who delivered warning letter to Muslim-owned businesses in Brick Lane in East London. He said:

“Alcohol might be allowed in British law but it is banned under Islam,” said Mr Rahman.“We want Sharia law to be enforced in Britain.”

“We are hoping to raise awareness of the problems alcohol causes in society,” he said. “It is responsible for most violence, domestic abuse, date rape and rape that occurs.”

Whilst this response may have a some truth, it is a smoke screen to encourage the authorities to embrace Sharia law and for whole communities to come under the Isalmic control.

People drinking alcohol in the area have already been attacked by self-appointed “Muslim Patrols”. A demonstration by 60 men and women in burkhas organised by the Sharia Project and the Al Qaamah group was delayed by a counter-protest by a handful of members from the English Defence League.

Brick Lane had a large Jewish community up to the middle of the last century but the area is now mostly Bangladeshi.

Mr Choudary, who was the leader of the al-Muhajiroun group which was banned under terrorism laws, condemned mosques in the area for accepting money from worshipers who make money from the sale of alcohol.

On Monday he defended three men jailed last week for attacking drinkers while on a Muslim Patrol, describing them as “fantastic individuals”.

The vigilante group also terrorised couples who were holding hands in public and an “inappropriately dressed” women.

Tim Pearson, Director of The Way says: The problem we have today in Britain is that we have a weak Prime Minister, who has no core values and goes with the flow of opinion. We have seen this is the gay marriage agenda, Sunday trading, the persecution of Christians in the work place and the arrests of preachers on the streets of our Country.

When are the Christians in the UK going to wake up and take some action?

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posted by Jeff Thompson on 14-12-13

Last time I checked, it was against the law to threaten people. Why will the police not act. Why do the islamic hardliners keep trying to turn the UK into the basket case countries they have escaped from. The next time I vote my "X" will go to the political party which has the courage to stop pussy footing about on people who will not accept UK laws and customs

posted by Julian on 14-12-13

People who committed crimes often claim its wasn't their fault because they'd been drinking alcohol. The truth is their crimes were already in their hearts and minds, their inhibitions were lowered after drinking and their true selves simply emerged. Drinking alcohol makes no difference to personal integrity.

posted by blake on 14-12-13

how many people are killed by muslims every year? far more than alcohol related deaths.

posted by JAG on 15-12-13

Ban muslims and save more lives.

posted by Lauren on 15-12-13

"Alcohol might be allowed in British law but it is banned under Islam" Then get the Hell out of Britain. Move to a country where sharia is already enforced. "It is responsible for most violence, domestic abuse,and rape that occurs" islam is responsible for those things also.

posted by Anonymous on 15-12-13

Islam will never be the solution. It will be the problem as long as the deadly cult exists.

posted by Infidel on 15-12-13

These people are so dumb and blind, Islam kills way more people than any alcohol. And they have the audacity to talk about rape when their religion allows them to have sex with 9 year old children like their prophet did? Are these people serious?! Muslims need to set a good example themselves first, hypocrites...

posted by Ade Morris on 15-12-13

Islam is the real danger here, not alcohol. Islam is an intolerant pseudo-fascist ideology that puts the Nazi's to shame! For the truth about Islam and to see the hatred that is going on daily worldwide, visit:

posted by Pork Chop on 16-12-13

It's not the serving of alcohol that bothers them, it's Christians and the Christmas holiday. Why else aren't they protesting alcohol the rest of the year.

posted by willlouis69 on 19-12-13

These damn muslems are a result of inbreeding. Ban alcohol??? how about banning the rape of small boys and pedophiles. Muslims don't get it...they are the problem! If this ever happens in Canada, I'm moving to Australia. They don't put up with it down there! Its time our countries banned Islam. Its nothing more then a modern day Nazism.

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