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The following words are rolled into one, and spoken with a strong foreign accent. ‘Nordakota.’ They express the deep Germanic roots of this amazing place. North Dakota is known for hard working folk and great home cooked German food. The lyrics of an old song express it well; 

 ‘ya oughta  go ta nor dakota to see the cattle and the wheat and the folks that can’t be beat...’



My favorite place to eat is a restaurant chain called ‘Krolls Diner’ which specializes in German-American food. You can find Krolls in four cities in North Dakota but the one I like best is located just along from the livestock arena in a classic American silver diner in Mandan, it is all chromium plate and neon signs and a fantastic place to eat. I once had an ice cream with apple pie blitzed together into a shake. Amazing! 

At 47%, Germans make up the largest of the European ancestry groups in the state. The state capital was named after the German Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck, back in the 1873, in the hope of attracting settlers from Germany.

 It was the Northern Pacific Railroad who chose the name. That was the era of the so called Railroad barons, those powerful and often ruthless individuals with extreme wealth, who called the shots across the nation.



Sadly, we are suffering under similar tyranny today, not from railroad barons but from tech giants. Their reach is global and their censorship is affecting the whole world. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have decided to censor viewpoints they don't like.

Without this censorship, it would be almost impossible for the deviant New World Order globalists to foist upon the world, the monstrous scam known as Covid 19.  However, this new Tech-Tranny is also the reason for the astonishing success of platforms like Brian Roses’ ‘London Real’.



London Real’s so called ‘digital freedom platform’, was born after YouTube  objected to his interview with David Ike. Since then, London Real has gone on to give voice to doctors and numerous others who are exposing the lies and deceptions that are being used to shut down our whole country. For a scientific take on Covid that you are unlikely to hear from the BBC, check out Brian Rose’s interview with Dr Sherri Tenpenny.

As a Christian, you may not agree with Ike’s views on God, but I have to say, his grasp of what the New World Order globalists are up to, is second to none. The man gets it! Another person in Britain who gets it is Lord Sugar.  Lord Sugar is saying quite rightly that London needs to get back to work! 



North Dakota is known for its tough hard working people who do not give up easily. ‘The folks that can’t be beat!’ In my view, it is time to stand up to the tech tyranny and the government tyranny that continues to try to clamp us down over what is essentially a ‘nothing burger’.  

If we had responded this way to Hitler, we Brits would be eating and speaking German today. However, it is not the food and the language that trouble me. I am disturbed this week by reports from a protest rally in Trafalgar Square where I’m told some Metropolitan Police officers were acting like Nazi Storm Troopers. This is not acceptable Mr. Khan!

I have to say, I personally am glad for the German food in North Dakota. I’m glad too for the accent and the amazing work ethic, but I am beyond upset to see my home country, Britain, being closed down again over a load of old bull!

Keep the bull in the livestock arena and let’s get back to work!



Freelance Researcher & News Compiler | John Parsons| Published | 2020 | September 25 | 12:45 |



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