Latest Army recruitment campaign devalues our reputation

Created on: 11th January 2018

Critics have said an Army recruitment campaign, which promotes the emotional support given to troops, will fail to target those most likely to sign-up.

New radio, TV and online adverts seek to address concerns potential soldiers might have about religion or sexuality and showing their emotions. 

Having served in the Army for 10 years, this present campaign only devalues the tremendous reputation our Armed Forces have throughout the world. Going soft and getting in touch with our emotions is not going to attract the right people. 

The reason we are the best in the world, is because we put our emotions and feelings aside and get on with the job in hand. If you are in the front line you need to know that your fellow soldiers are not going to let you down, when you are under fire, IED`s go off and you see body parts scattered around you. 

Having trained with Army units from other Countries, we have far better discipline, moral, training and a different mind-set, which often gives us greater success and why other Countries value our training methods.

Colonel Kemp - the former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, who served in the Army until 2006 - said while the adverts were aimed at a number of minority groups, they missed out the Army's core recruitment pool.

"I think what the Army needs to do in order to deal with its recruiting problem is not to specifically appeal to minorities - of course, the more people from all parts of society who join the better.

"But it's even more important than that to fill the Army up with people who want to fight and want to be soldiers. And this, I don't think, will do that."

Instead, he called for the Army to focus on retention problems and deal with its "impenetrable" application process and the "horrific bureaucracy" surrounding it.

Major General Timothy Cross, who retired in 2007, said the Army was "really struggling" with recruitment and should not be trying to be "jolly nice to people".

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