Large protest against same sex marriage - 24th March - London

Created on: 9th March 2013

1 Million people marched in France against same-sex marriage and now Christians have the same opportunity to claim that marriage should only be between and Man and a Woman.

A large rally has been arranged on Sunday 24th March in London at Trafalgar Square, by the French campaign group La Manif pour Tous who are heading up the demonstration.

This is open to anyone who wants to make a stand against this unpopular ungodly law. Many Denominations are gathering together to let it be known that the Government cannot with impunity subvert the sovereignty of our Queen, Elizabeth II, who during her coronation solemnly promised to defend the Christian faith and her ministers. Neither can it assume to declare moral and economic warfare, free of charge, on the productive part of society, families and children of Britain.

Canon Chris Sugden of Anglican Mainstream reminds us that “in January around a million people - including many thousands of students and young people - demonstrated on the streets of Paris against their government's proposals to redefine traditional marriage to include same sex couples. Hundreds of the demonstrators were UK-based French residents who boarded the Eurostar to Paris to join their compatriots.

What is less well known is that on the same day a further 600 French residents refrained from travelling to Paris but demonstrated instead outside the French Embassy in west London.

These UK-based French protesters are now organising another London demonstration, but this time in Trafalgar Square, London. As before, they are planning this to take place on the same day as the next Paris demonstration, Sunday 24th March, at which 2 million protesters are expected to march along the Champs-Elysees!

The UK-based protesters have invited other non-French UK residents to join them in Parliament Square, and to make this a joint protest against both the UK and the French governments' plans to redefine marriage.

For far too long Christians have been silent over major reforms and this is the time to make our stand.  Just turn up. If you can, bring young children for a family-friendly outing and as a visible sign against the sterile adult-centred nature of same sex marriage.

2 - 5pm on Palm Sunday, 24th March, Trafalgar Square, London.

Posted by David Pilkington

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posted by Paul Kilfoyle on 12-03-13

I am an agnostic and live in Somerset but I intend to be at the protest in Trafalgar Square on the day. I think the protest organisers should have informed people at least three months in advance of the demonstration so as to give people time to organise to come to London. Also, The protest should be on Saturday and right out side Parliament and include a march through London. This would get maximum attention. Full marks to La Manif Pour Tous -the good French people who have organised this protest in 'our own capital city'. They show us the way. Can the morally lazy english wake up an get organised and put a stop to all of the perverted policies forced onto us by a perverted, undemocratic Parliament?

posted by ellen alhers on 24-03-13

a hundred people turned up, nice to see dinosaurs like you in extinction

posted by Sam on 24-03-13

Ellen can`t count, there were around 2,500 I was there! Great speeches that not only drowned out the gay brigade, but silenced them with some interesting facts!

posted by Jim Summers on 24-03-13

Yes I was there as well and the chants of bigots from the Gays indicated that they themselves are bigots, because they were not interested in having a debate, or listening to anybody`s opinion. If the law changes, it will affect everybody in terms of free speech, what we can and can`t do, what we call ourselves and even blows away the Magna Carta. This is constitutional nightmare, which is going to cost 5 billion pounds, along with the fact that the vast majority of people in the UK do not want it.

posted by Jackie Ullmer on 25-03-13

I call on and challenge our Archbishops here in the UK to arrange another protest march as suggested by the previous comments, on a Saturday, in June/July, led by themselves, making a stand for what is right, whatever the eventual outcome of this ridiculous proosal for same-sex marriage.

posted by victoria on 25-03-13

I do not wish my boys were gays. Bless God they grow in normal traditional family where are mum and dad love them. Hope, our example will lead them in future. Pity I could not join the people in London for their protest!!!

posted by Paul Kilfoyle on 13-05-13

Thank you Sam for pointing out Ellen Alhers inability to count. Yes, there were about two thousand supporters of natural marriage at tyhe ralley. If it had not been for the agressive behavior of the homosexuals in the Square(only about 40 to sixty of them) more supporters would have entered the square. Indeed, I noticed that later on most of the small homosexual gathering was standing outside the square. Did the police tell them to get out?

posted by Morten Thorndyke on 09-09-13

Religion has started so many wars around the world and again this is another one. Human beings don't choose to be gay - this has been proven - and you antiquated views are not valid in 2013! Live and let live! The LGBT community don't affect you so get on with your own lives and leave us alone to get on with ours.

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