Keep Calm and Carry On, there is NO NEED TO PANIC

Created on: 12th February 2020

China seems to indicate that the reported cases of the 2019 Wuhan Corona Virus has peaked and is now going down. Other people say that this year’s winner at Crufts is, in fact, the reincarnation of a Nubian Princess, and that if only the Chinese knew this, then Chinese ‘community officers’ would never beat stray dogs to death with sticks to prevent them from spreading Corona Virus. Indeed, Chinese officials also say that if it wasn’t for all the laughing, that hyenas would be great child-minders for babies.  Meanwhile , the 2019 Wuhan Corona Virus (I refuse to rename it for insane politically correct reasons) is really so benign that  Thailand became the fifth country or territory to deny the carnival cruise-ship, Westerdam,  access to its ports, even though the ship’s operator has said it has no reason to believe there are any cases of coronavirus on board. It appears that the whole world will wait until the passengers start eating each other before anyone will help. Yup, regarding the 2019 Wuhan Corona Virus, there is definitely nothing to worry about or see here.

US Military Prepare for a Round-Up

Meanwhile eleven military bases near major airports in the United States are setting up quarantine centers for possible coronavirus patients, the Department of Defense said. The Department of Health and Human Services asked the Pentagon for quarantine space in case beds fill up at other coronavirus centers around the country, according to a DOD statement. Additionally, the Pentagon already agreed to house up to 1,000 people for quarantine after they returned to the United States from areas with the virus, the Associated Press reports.

Chinese Citizen Reporters are 'Disappeared'

Chen Qiushi , Chinese citizen journalists was apparently ‘disappeared’ by the Chicoms last week, but before his departure, this currently most visible of pioneers in a small but dogged movement that is defying the ruling Communist Party’s tightly policed monopoly on information, reported extensively on what was really happening on the ground in Wuhan.  Apparantly, he, like many others, and unlike the WHO, does not think that China is telling the truth. No kidding.

Panic in Brighton

In the UK, The coronavirus threat has spread to schools and prisons, with warnings from the Health Secretary that the crisis facing Britain “will get worse before it gets better”. 

Matt Hancock on Tuesday announced plans for hospitals to build emergency isolation facilities, saying the Government would take all necessary precautions to keep the public safe, (including locking you up and locking you down.)

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, said everyone “should be confident and calm” about Britain’s response to the virus.

Four schools in Brighton were on Tuesday allowing children to stay home, or had pupils in “self-isolation” amid growing panic across the city. Four GP surgeries and a nursing home have closed as a result of links with coronavirus, with two GPs among those diagnosed in recent days.

'Made in China' Must Continue

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to explode across China, the Chicom regime faces a desperate choice, for China must now decide to either run the factories and lose up to 15% of the workers to the virus, or close the factories and lose the nation to economic collapse and political revolution. If you run the factories and pretend the outbreak isn’t real, you keep the economy humming but you end up sacrifice a large number of workers who get killed by the coronavirus pandemic. While China currently claims a 2.1% mortality rate, it seems that maybe more realistic assessments put that number closer to 15%.

If you close the factories and enforce long-term quarantines to save lives, you suffer a devastating economic implosion, likely followed by massive social upheaval and possible collapse of the ruling communist regime. After all, people only tolerate communism when they have enough to eat and some of them are getting rich. Take away the food, the money and the public safety, and any regime will struggle to stay in power.

China is already taking the steps to protect the factories while sacrificing the people

It’s now clear that China has chosen to restart the factories, is maybe moving to declare the pandemic conquered, cover up the reality of the infections and deaths, and order people back to work to keep the economic miracle machine running. In order to achieve this, China must continue to:

1) Fudge all the daily infection and death numbers to create the illusion that the pandemic is waning. (Watch for the daily updates to demonstrate a calculated slowing in the rate of infection.)

2) Deny the CDC or WHO access to the front lines of the pandemic to avoid them finding out it’s exploding out of control.

3) Control the media by arresting (and executing) whistle-blowers who try to speak out about what’s really happening there. (Pressure the tech giants to censor independent voices and protect the official Chinese narrative, which is already being done).

4) Find clever ways to fake the science, such as launching new near-instant test kits that have a 50% – 70% false negative rate (which has just been done), meaning they fail to diagnose 50% – 70% of infections. This allows the government to further claim falling infection numbers.

5) Demand the nations of the world resume air flights and run well-funded propaganda campaigns to invite tourists to return to China.

The net result of all this, of course, will be a second wave of exploding infections and deaths, but as long as the communist regime can control the narrative, they can pretend none of this is actually happening. The WHO will obediently parrot the Chicom narrative, and China will lean on its U.S. connections such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein to pressure the U.S. government to resume international flights and open traveler traffic.

China might be seeking to export the pandemic so that other nations share the pain

Part of this goal is to export the pandemic to other countries to force them to “share the pain” of China. If your own ship is taking on water and sinking, the way to regain some competitive advantage is to blow holes in everybody else’s ships, in other words. By exporting the coronavirus to Taiwan, Japan, Korea and the United States, China can unleash economic chaos in those nations and shift the blame for a global outbreak, claiming those other nations failed to contain it.

Hence the whole purpose of pressuring the WHO to rename the virus, removing the word “Wuhan” from it entirely, in order to erase its origins from history.

Meanwhile, China is hard at work fudging the numbers, burning the bodies, arresting the whistle-blowers, executing the dissidents, ordering Google to censor online videos, all while denying the reality of the pandemic outbreak. (The tech giants are more than happy to comply, since they all work for the pro-depopulation globalists now anyway.)

Factory workers will be pushed until they literally drop dead

What all this means is that China is going to power through the pandemic at gunpoint, forcing workers to run the machines until they literally drop dead. At that point, rapid response cremation teams will scurry away with the bodies and heave them into mass ovens that are already running 24/7.

I wonder if China will soon dispense will all safety gear such as hazmat suits, masks and gloves. For one thing, eliminating the gear creates the (false) impression that the virus no longer exists. But more importantly, the government has already come to realize that everyone is going to be exposed sooner or later. They know that roughly 85% will survive exposure and 15% will die. The 85% will be able to come into contact with the virus even while wearing no safety gear, since they’ve already been exposed and cured. According to media reports, even China’s own military and police personnel are already largely infected. It’s getting to the point where wearing protective gear is pointless.

Effectively, the Chinese government has now decided to run a massive medical experiment called, “expose everyone and see what happens.” I assume that they figure they can still survive after a 15% mortality rate.

Meanwhile fellow ‘Grinchers,’  keep an eye out for lights in the sky, extinction level asteroids, and massive plagues of locusts, hahahah…oh, wait a minute……


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