In the storm; compassion for the lonely

Created on: 12th March 2019

The storm that struck that night was the kind that made you believe the world was coming to an end. There were lightning strikes all around, and thunder shook our house.

The next morning, mudslides on our hill and fallen compound walls forced me to take my run in a different direction from usual. As I prepared to set off, something caught my eye. 

It was a girl, a little younger than my daughter. She was muddy and bruised, her nightgown ripped to shreds. Blood trickled down her face from her nose. After a savage beating from relatives with whom she’d been living in the city, they had chased her into the street, where she found herself hiding in a drain during the downpour and chaos of the storm.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand the circumstances God allows us to go through; the ones that separate us from our families or which make us feel utterly alone, rejected and unloved.

Sometimes it’s hard to wrap our heads around how a loving God could allow His beloved children to feel so alone. But that’s where, as His hands and feet, we come in. 

He has called us to love one another (1 John 4:7) and have to compassion for each other (Colossians 3:12). As followers of Christ, we don’t arrive in these stories with super hero capes on our backs, but we crawl into them with His cross; His compassion for us on our shoulders.

Death and distance may separate us, relationships fall apart; people leave. Tough times and difficult circumstances can make you feel like you’re walking alone. But there is One who is always with us.

Remember: you are His child; you’ll never be alone in the storm.

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