Human rights lawyer struck off over dishonest claims about British Troops

Created on: 2nd February 2017

Over the years, there have been repeated claims of abuse by Soldiers fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan. 

We have celebrated the bravery and sacrifice these soldiers have made for our Country over the years, many returning injured in body if not in mind. Therefore it was extremely hurtful, demining, and damaging to the excellent reputation that our troops have enjoyed both in the UK and abroad, to have abuse claims against them.

Having served myself in the Army, I know that these allegation of abuse, would not stand the test of time, bearing in mind the training and high standards all troops have to meet when serving either in a war zone or in a peace-keeping situation. 

Therefore, along with the rest of the Army, I feel relieved to see justice being done against a human rights lawyer who was accused of leading a witch-hunt against British troops in Iraq. As a result of a recent Tribunal he has been struck off after he was convicted of a string of professional misconduct charges.

Phil Shiner was found to have been repeatedly dishonest as he brought cases that British troops had killed, mutilated and tortured Iraqi civilians.

The former solicitor of the year had already admitted nine counts of acting without integrity and one of acting recklessly. Along with this the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal on Thursday found another five counts of dishonesty.

Shiner was then struck off the roll of solicitors and potentially opens the door to criminal charges over his conduct.

The two-day hearing was told he believed he was above the law and felt his work was so important he was not bound by the rules of his profession.

The tribunal also heard his cases, which led to the £25m Al Sweady public inquiry, were found to be baseless and had a devastating effect on the soldiers falsely accused.

Mr Shiner did not attend the hearing, having written to the tribunal to say he was unwell and could not afford to pay for a defence lawyer.

The three-person panel took around 10 minutes to decide Mr Shiner's legal career should be ended.

Perhaps now, we can honour the troops again and restore public trust in the British Army, who will no doubt live to fight another day somewhere in the world, for our protection and to preserve our sovereign Nation.

Posted by Tim Pearson

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posted by john on 03-02-17

Yet again the Christianity based legal system shows its superiority over sharia law in that it not only seeks to treat everybody equally but to protect the weak. Something our politians who are so keen to acomodate sharia law would do well to remember.

posted by David on 03-02-17

I am not sure if Sharia Law was involved here, just greed and pride got in the way of this man.

posted by Sandra on 03-02-17

The problem with this case is that there will be some people who would have believed this man and by his actions and lies has discredited our Armed Forces

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