Head teachers told to implement LGBT compulsory teaching

Created on: 12th August 2019

Head teachers will be ordered to bring LGBT teaching in the new classes when they are rolled out nationally next year, according to the Sunday Times.

The paper says primary school children will learn about same-sex and trans families. And pupils will also be taught about staying safe online - and developing "healthy, respectful relationships”.

Meanwhile, secondary school children will receive at least one compulsory term of sex ed lessons by the time they are 16. These classes will also include lessons on the “catastrophic” damage caused by female genital mutilation (FGM). Sexting, online grooming, domestic violence and forced marriage will also be covered in class.

Whilst it will be illegal to take your child out of class when these lessons occur, this is a time when Christian and Muslim parents across the UK need to take a stand again this perverse, corrupt anti-faith teaching, that has been forced on the Education department, by a small number of gay activists.

The new curriculum is being brought in on the orders of education secretary Damian Hinds. But the move faces a backlash from religious groups who have been vocally opposed to teaching about same-sex and trans issues in schools.

Last month, Muslim and Christian parents in Birmingham held a primary school-gates protest over lessons on homosexuality and gender.

They accused a gay assistant headteacher of promoting LGBT causes without their consent at Parkfield Community School.
Some mums and dads from the predominantly Muslim area said they would rather leave the country than let their children carry on with the lessons.

Children were kept out of class for the first hour of the day, with some joining in chants on the street. They held signs reading "education not indoctrination" and "let kids be kids."

Members of an evangelical Christian group also joined them in demonstrating. Publication of the guidelines on Monday comes as a petition signed by 100,000 people objecting the new curriculum will be debated in parliament, the Sunday Times says.

But campaigners say the lessons are vital in combating online child sex exploitation and grooming. Growing numbers of children think sending intimate selfies.

Posted by David Pilkington

Extract from www.thesun.co.uk

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posted by Antonia Tully SPUC Safe at School Campaign on 14-08-19

Just to clarify, the Government has stated: "Primary schools are enabled and encouraged to cover LGBT content if they consider it age appropriate to do so, but there is no specific requirement for this." https://www.gov.uk/government/news/relationships-education-relationships-and-sex-education-rse-and-health-education-faqs Parents with children in primary school should be aware of this.

posted by Redhunter on 15-08-19

UK becomes victim of its own mentality where PROBLEM = PRODUCT. This promotes victim mentality and ensure the public space (market share) is dominated by those who have the biggest problem (best product). In this country I have learned that it does not matter if there is a problem , what is important is to ensure a problem is communicated,assessed, dealt with in proper manner... ideally never resolved to ensure minimum effort and job retention. NOW ITS TIME FOR YOUR OWN KIDS TO JOIN THIS POOR SHOW. P.S How sad this must be for all who have great memories from childhood with no mobile phones and rainbow with true meaning.

posted by Peter on 16-08-19

In reply to Antonia, Parents will not be able to choose and your information is outdated. Mrs May said before she left as Prime Minister: She said: "Last week the introduction of compulsory relationships education for primary-age pupils was a historic step forward. "I know that policy in particular has been controversial in some areas, but teaching all children about respect for difference is a core British value, something I and every government should always stand for. "If there was a single lesson from Stonewall it was that people who come together united in a cause and belief can change the world. "It is a lesson that should never be forgotten as the LGBT community continues the fight for progress and equality with the UK government standing proudly alongside you." Parents have had to take their children out of school because even now some Head Teachers are imposing this before the act gets its legal status next year.

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