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The 'new norm' – a world with Covid – one where the UK government advises people to behave as if they have the virus is becoming more and more dystopic with each passing day. The predictions I wrote about back in May of 2020[1] seem to be sadly coming true:  

Globally people are issued with an immunity passport, downloaded to their smartphone. Those with immunity are permitted to football grounds, theatres, cinemas and to travel using the nationalised trains, buses and airlines. However, due to the high levels of unemployment, the travel industry would have been decimated, only a few can afford to fly and go on vacations.[2]

Only this week 'The Times of Israel' reported that vaccine refusers would have restricted movements, only being permitted to use supermarkets and pharmacies.[3] In an effort to increase uptake of the vaccine, Minister Yuli Edelstein is offering the incentive of increased movement for those who receive the Covid vaccination.[4] In addition to this, Edelstein is considering legislation that would enable employees, to openly discriminate against those who decline the vaccine, by prevented the unvaccinated from coming into the workplace.[5] In effect, such legislation would increase poverty and thus force people to take the vaccine out of necessity rather than choice. But could we see such moves in the UK?


Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is a staunch advocate of the Covid passport, asserting that we need a unified globally agreed and accepted Covid passport, one the UK should lead the way in implementing. Blair argues that

'This is not about discrimination or hostility towards those not vaccinated or tested. It is a completely understandable desire to know whether those we mix with might be carrying the disease.'[6]

However, while Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister states people will not need to carry a vaccine passport to go to the pub,[7] Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary, stated that the government are considering 'domestic vaccine passports' to be used to gain access to supermarkets and other businesses.[8]

"domestic vaccine passport, where you have to show a bit of paper to go into a supermarket" will be implemented by the government, Raab replied, "Well, it's something that hasn't been ruled out and it's under consideration."[9]

However, while Raab stated it is only being considered, are we seeing another incident when there is a government minister speaking out, then the Prime Minister rebuttals such claims, but eventually we see them being implemented because of the science and need for them?


The sad reality is we cannot trust the UK government to make decisions in this nation's best interest. It is only a week ago Nadhi Zahawi, the vaccine minister, stated that the UK government would not implement a Covid passport to assist people in travelling abroad.[10] Zahawi stated that 'there were several reasons why vaccine passports would not be introduced, not least because the vaccine was not mandatory in the UK.'[11]

 So, why has the UK government awarded grants to eight firms to develop Covid passports?[12]

It is my belief that we will soon see a Covid passport, one that, as Blair champions and seeks, will be globally universal, one linked to the CommonPass developed in partnership with the World Economic Forum.

The World Economic Forum and the Commons Project, alongside the Rockefeller Foundation, say they have convened more than 350 public and private sector leaders from 52 countries to create a technology platform called CommonPass that aims to provide people with a "secure and verifiable way to document their health status as they travel and cross borders." The Israeli government offers a "green passport" for those who have been vaccinated, while the International Air Transport Association is working on a travel pass that would enable air passengers to comply with health-screening measures required at their destinations.[13]


While we will have to wait and see how things develop, a more alarming endeavour is the testing of the Covid vaccine on six-year-old children, newborn children and pregnant women.[14] How can any parent agree to such trials? Should any parent that agrees to participate should be investigated for child abuse?

 We live in a society where if you teach your children Biblical values you can be investigated by social workers– but if you agree to allow your child to participate in the Covid vaccination trials your OK.  All I can say is, come Lord Jesus, come and take your people home, for this world is not our home, we are sojourners.


Will we shortly see vaccination refusers being interned until they acquiesce to taking the vaccine? Whatever is going to happen, it will not be for society's betterment, rather what is transpiring is the establishment of a global satanic system. One the Bible warns us about, and I have been writing and warning people about for several years. The problem is most people are asleep and walking mindlessly into slavery; such apathy is also prevalent within the church because they have forsaken the truth of God's word in favour of a social gospel.


The good news is God has a remnant; a group who will not bow the knee to political correctness or a social gospel but who will rather bow the knee only to the LORD. A people who hunger and thirst after righteousness, who are resolute in their faith regardless of the cost.

The question is 'what is the state of your faith and the church you feed spiritually from?' It is time to get serious with God because the world will never go back to how it was. Things on planet earth are going to get worse. The only saviour of humanity is Jesus Christ; therefore, I urge you to surrender your life to Him and seek to live a life in obedience to the word of God.  Time is short. It is time to put one's house in order, first with God, and then to take practical steps to prepare for what is coming. But, to do nothing could cost you your life and or your soul.


We will see a universal global passport – it is inevitable. However, the question is not will you get a Covid passport, but have you got your passport to eternity with God; one that is not issued by worldly governments, but by God.  However, you cannot buy it, and you cannot earn it, it is free! To obtain eternal life, you must repent of your sin and surrender your life to God, then commit to living a life according to the word of God.

I pray that you will choose wisely!

May God bless and keep you


Freelance Researcher & News Compiler | *Nathan Barnard | Published | 2021 | February 16  | 15:00 |


The views expressed in this Opinion Editorial are entirely the view of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views held by the Editorial Board of ‘The Way, or the Trustees/Directors of 66Books.’


*Nathan Barnard - Co-Founder of Arrows of Ephrayim Ministries





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