Happy Mother’s day and remember,

Created on: 22nd March 2020

In the UK, watch what happens first in Big London, little London (Brighton) and in the USA, New York and Los Angeles in particular. I love the USA and weep for what is unfolding there, for a shit-storm like no other is about to break above their heads and the weapon for their wounding is the one that is about to pierce us all, and that is the Wuhan, 2019 Novel Coran Virus, COVID-19.


Is The NHS already Buckling?

Northwick Park Hospital is a major general hospital near Harrow, Greater London, managed by the London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust. Yesterday, it declared a ‘critical incident’ where it appears a surge in The Wuhan, 2019 Novel Coran Virus, COVID-19 led to patients using up all hospital beds and ICU-level treatment at the facility.

This is but one hospital, speedily on its knees in the opening seconds of the first round, as the surge moves toward a BOOM. Despite the best efforts of last minute training, and the massive talking up ‘the champion of the people’ by the Prime-Minister, from the ringside today, it does not look as though the NHS will survive the brutal and remaining rounds of this fight.

With a global kill rate of currently 12%, we are forecasting an NHS knockout in round three. If indeed, it gets that far.

Believe me, if you are calling up 65,000 retired staff, and ensuring troops deliver food to the lock-ins, this fight will have blood all over the place. The UK’s 9,000 town and parish councils are being told to set aside 30 funeral plots each for virus victims, oh and earmark a site for a mass grave. Honest. Also, thousands of troops are ready to be deployed once social order breaks down. I did not say if. 


Happy Mothers Day

There is far too much to share at the moment, from the Dutch destroying millions of wilting flowers, to idiots licking toilet seats for the Corona Virus challenge. For sure the millennials secretly and the Zoomers openly want to see whats left of the Boomers wiped off the board of life, but as Cuomo reported, 50% of current Corona cases are under 50 years of age, a rude-awakening is a coming. 

Before I forget, Happy Mother’s day and remember, as those flowers from Asda bloom over the coming days, remember that it is a blooming exponential infective growth that explodes the crowding clusters. We are approaching the first BOOM!

Follow Government guidelines and stay indoors as much as possible, follow best hygiene practices and social distancing, especially from your mum.


Practical Hope and 12 Helpful Actions

It’s all a bit grim really, but even so, if the facts scare you, the problem is not with the facts, and friends, out of respect for you, I will not sing either ‘Roll out The Barrell’ or slightly sway while singing ‘How Great is our God’ (and He is) and try and sugar coat these facts. They are bitter facts and you need to swallow them to survive and thrive. 

Even so, on the Lord’s day, I want to be hopeful, no honest, I do. So, here a dozen practical things you can do, and yes there are researched reasons behind them, so do them. 

(1) Completely disinfect your house and keep it disinfected.

(2) Do not go out without a mask.

(3) Go out as little as you can and only if you must.

(4) Shower when you get back.

(5) Change your clothes when you get back and wash the ones you went out in. If you cannot do this, hang them in direct sunlight. If you live in Scotland, this will be difficult.

(6) When you can get fresh food, eat it.

(7) Drink lots of water. (Preferably filtered)

(8) Drink lots of HOT tea. On the hour, every hour. That’s pretty normal for Brits, so we are ahead of the game here. 

(9) Take lots of Vitamin C (and Zinc) and any antiviral product you can find.

(10) Take care of yourself, exercise & get lots of rest.

(11) Consider your life, write your will, and get right with God through Jesus Christ the Son of God, who died to pay for all your sins and rose again in power and might. 

(12) If you are a Christian, rejoice. Be happy. Be content. Be courageous. Don’t be an idiot. 


Tune in Tonight

Tonight, Sunday 22nd of March, I am told that Rev. Victor Robert Farrell will be streaming live on YouTube tonight at 19:45 British Time, and I am told the Title of Hss Message is “How to have Courage During the Corona Crisis.” You can join him tonight if you wish.



In Closing, here is  the current & ever-changing World Coronavirus Infection & Kill  Count:

308,231 infected, 13,067 dead,


Meanwhile, be safe and blessed. We shall get through this, even with all the ‘Jack-in-the Box Surprises’ yet to come, but do keep reminding yourself that the world you knew has gone and will not return. Pray to God to correct and align your sight, and adjust to the new-normal as speedily as you can. 


Free Lance Researcher & News Compiler | The Grinch | Published | 2020 | March 22 | 09:00 |

(I am The Grinch, both by name and nature, and, on the whole, I care more about having you informed rather than uplifted. I think that's why they use me here and why I am focussed on the Virus. Enjoy..or not..)


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