Great Britain will lose MORE jobs by staying in the EU

Created on: 4th September 2019

The Remainer MPs who have voted against their own Prime Minister have not only lost the whip, will lose their seat at the next general election, but have also lost their minds. Their futile thinking is based on their assumption that going out of the EU without a deal means job losses. The reverse is true.

Britain is a global trading power, currently exporting more to the rest of the world than it does to the EU. We are the world’s 5th largest economy, on course to become the largest in Europe by 2035.

If we stay in the EU we will lose jobs, as Germany is in a recession, France has major financial and social problems, along with Spain Portugal, and Greece, to name but a few who are all struggling economically. Eventually the EU will implode on its self, and we need to be well away from this impending disaster.

The EU’s share of the world economy is in decline. In 1980, the EEC (as it was then known) accounted for 30% of global output. By 2015 this had already shrunk to 16.5% according to the IMF.
Currently, all Britain’s trade deals must be negotiated by the EU, which on average takes twice as long as independent countries to negotiate and finalise deals. Outside the EU – and its Customs Union – the UK will be able to sign its own free-trade deals and regain its seat on the World Trade Organisation.

Since the EU Referendum, many countries have signalled their intent to sign free-trade deals with the UK once we leave the EU. So far, at least 35 countries have already expressed a strong interest in discussing free-trade deals with us, including Canada, New Zealand, India, Colombia, Australia and the USA.

Posted by David Pilkington


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