Gerard Batten MEP front runner for UKIP leadership

Created on: 13th February 2018

Although the National Executive Committee of UKIP have passed a vote of no confidence in the present Leader Henry Bolton, it will be up to the members to decide on Saturday.

UKIP MEP Gerard Batten has emerged as the frontrunner to be the party’s next leader if members back a vote of no confidence in Henry Bolton. Having met Gerard on a few occasions, I regard him as a very competent resilient, intelligent leader, who has spent many years as an MEP in Brussels with Nigel Farage. 

The difference in these two men is like chalk and cheese. Bolton has come from nowhere, claiming all sorts of occupations with little experience in Politics, which has shown in the way he has led the Party, or shall I say not led the Party. His decision to leave his wife and three Children before Christmas and live with a young girl who made racist remarks, brings in to account his judgement let alone his morality. 

On the other hand Batten can articulate the many issues we have with BREXIT, has the experience and backbone to deal with the NEC (who are a law unto themselves) and need a tough hand, along with the fact that he is at home in front of the cameras. 

Gerard Batten has warned that UKIP will be “finished” if Mr Bolton survives the crunch vote on Saturday and senior party figures have called for Mr Batten to be appointed interim leader if the incumbent is ousted.

UKIP`s  three peers have written to the party’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) asking for Mr Batten to be immediately appointed to the interim role in the event that Mr Bolton loses.

Posted by Tim Pearson

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