Evangelist Tony Anthony and The Way work together

Created on: 19th July 2014

God is on the move when ministries work together for Kingdom purposes. The Way had the privilege of inviting International Evangelist Tony Anthony to our Trustees meeting today (19th July). 

Tony shared his life changing conversion in prison, his amazing worldwide evangelist ministry which has touch millions, his attack by a group of 7 people in the UK, who eventually forced him to close his charity. However instead of diminishing his ministry, it has renewed and strengthened his calling to reach even more people for Christ. As a result of this Tony has started evangelism training in many Countries through the world and is running a School of Evangelism in Blackpool this year from the 1st of September. To find out more on this, call 01253-465735. 

The Way will continue to support Tony and his team, as we need to be cantered on making disciples of all nations and proclaiming the Gospel ( Mark 16 v 15).There is a drastic shortage of people in the UK who will share their faith for the fear of offending people. Yet this never bothered Jesus, so why should we? Please see www.tonyanthony.co.uk
The Way is aware that we are under attack in the UK from many different organisations, who want to marginalise, discriminate and persecute Christians in the work place in business and in their community. 

The Way is defending our faith in the UK by interviews on Radio & TV to highlight the discrimination and marginalisation of Christians. Along with this we will lobby Government Ministers, local councils, Individual organisations and the press whenever they attack Christians, who only want to share and live out their faith in this once Christian Country.  www.theway.co.uk/general/donate_online.php
The Churches in the UK are adopting worldly views rather than standing on the word of God. The growing PC movement is well established in many Churches and we wonder why we are losing people?
Only when we show Jesus to our community will we see lives changed. Only when we get rid of the religious chains that prevent us from saying no to ungodly laws and policies that are eating away like a cancer in our different denominations, will we see real growth, real conversions, real healings, signs, wonders and miracles. Only then will the Church resemble the bride of Christ, only then will we be ready for His return.
Posted by Tim Pearson

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