EU officials crush any chance of a deal, leaving the PM and officials empty handed.

Created on: 4th February 2019

It is bewildering and embarrassing to see our MPs and officials returning time and time again to Brussels, with the same story and getting the same answer. How incompetent is this scenario, which is being played out in full view of the rest of the world. 

Yet again we have seen this pitiful portrayal of our civil servants raising the white flag in surrender to the EU dictatorship, when all we need to do is walk away and embrace the WTO rules of free trade. There is no cliff edge scenario, as all the protocols are in place for goods and services between the UK and the EU, without any tariffs.

What makes this even more cringe worthy is that Theresa May has not asked for the Irish backstop to be removed from the Brexit deal she struck with the EU,  despite getting the backing of a Commons amendment calling for it be replaced with “alternative arrangements”, it has emerged.

Tory backbench Brexiteer MP Andrea Jenkyns said she has asked European Commission secretary general Martin Selmayr if the Prime Minister had taken any formal steps to re-open discussions on the controversial backstop - an insurance policy design to ensure there is no hard border in Ireland.

Ms Jenkins, who is in Brussels with the Commons Brexit Committee for talks with EU officials, tweeted: “I asked Martin Selmayr whether the PM had even asked for the backstop to be removed.

He stated that he wasn't aware of her asking for this and had certainly not asked him. He also stated that there has been no request to reopen negations by the British Government.”

MPs voted 317 to 301 in favour of Sir Graham Brady’s “alternative arrangements” amendment to Mrs May’s Brexit deal which was so roundly rejected by Parliament.

But Mr Selmayr today said "nobody" on the EU side was considering legally-binding assurances to help win support for the Withdrawal Agreement in the UK Parliament.

The Governments incompetence, will lead us to the best option which is a no deal BREXIT.

Posted by Amanda Hopkins

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