Democracy is dead after the shameful display of selfish Political games in the House of Commons

Created on: 14th March 2019

Millions of people who voted leave were gutted last night, as they saw with their own eyes their MPs stopping any chance of leaving the EU, after MPs voted to take a “No Deal”.of the table. The fact that Theresa May will come back again to try and win support for her deal is no compensation, as this keeps us in the EU without a say indefinitely.

We were once a democratic Nation, with high moral and Political values, but after the last few months we have seen a disgraceful display of selfish Political games, based on the fact that the majority of MPs voted in favour of remaining, despite the majority of the Public voting to leave.

The UK Parliament is set to seek postponement of Brexit, but Brussels may be reluctant to grant it. One argument against may be a potential poison pill in the form of Eurosceptic MEPs, voted in by offended Britons in May.

The dramatic week of Brexit votes in the UK Parliament draws to a conclusion on Thursday. Earlier, MPs rejected both the deal negotiated with the EU by Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet, and the option to leave the EU with no deal at all, which the government asked to leave on the table to keep pressure on Brussels. MPs are now set to vote on whether London should ask for a delay in exiting the union.

While a disorderly Brexit would hurt the EU, several top European officials warned that no delay would be granted unless Britain comes up with a clear and substantial plan, which it would try to achieve if given more time. But European bureaucrats may have more reasons not to tolerate Britain dragging its feet, MEP from Scotland David Coburn told Russia Today.

If we end up staying beyond a certain period, we have to take part in the European elections. Then what you are going to see is 73 Nigel Farages returned to the European Parliament. It would make the government of the EU impossible. They would probably want to throw us out, I should think.

The next European election is scheduled for the end of May. The UK’s share of the seats would be 73 if it remained part of the EU – with both Britain and the EU making contingencies for this scenario. Nigel Farage, the former leader of the UK Independence Party, is still technically an independent MEP, as is David Coburn, even though they belong to the newly-formed Eurosceptic Brexit Party.

Coburn added that he is hopeful for his party’s success in the European election, considering the frustration of Britons with the Brexit process and the heavy-handed approach to the talks on Brussels’ part.

"People are becoming more and more angry about the European Union. And more and more people, who previously voted for ‘Remain’, are now supporting ‘Leave’," he said. "I think people do not like the way that Britain has been treated by the EU."

Political analyst Anthony Webber, a ‘leaver’, argued that the Parliament is de facto engaged in sabotage against the results of the Brexit referendum. He suggested that some unorthodox intervention from the Queen may be required to resolve the ongoing crisis.

“We could call upon the head of state, Her Majesty the Queen, to intervene, if there is any change in law which would change what the British people asked for. I would argue that even a suspension of Article 50 by a few months is something which Her Majesty should overrule. She’s got the power to say ‘no’ to things,” he told RT, before acknowledging that such a move would be unprecedented since the 19th century.

He said drastic measures may be required to protect the people from British politicians, who seem to be acting on the premise that when people voted to leave the EU they were incapable of realizing what they were voting for.

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posted by Grace on 14-03-19

Whats the point of voting anymore!

posted by Mark on 14-03-19

We are living in very dark times, when the Politian’s totally ignore the peoples vote and dictate to us what they think the Country needs. Isn`t this how most dictatorships work?

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