Davis: We are going to leave the EU but MPs can vote on the deal

Created on: 13th November 2017

After mounting pressure from backbenchers, David Davis has announced a major concession to Tory rebels that the Brexit deal will be enshrined in law with a vote by MPs and peers.

Mr Davis said that the new law will enable Parliament to go through the legislation on a "line-by-line" basis, but raises the prospect of a divisive parliamentary showdown on the eve of Brexit.

However he told Eurosceptic Tories that if MPs reject the legislation the UK will leave the EU without a deal. It comes after weeks of discussions with Tory rebels who had warned that they were prepared to defeat ministers by demanding a legally-binding vote on Brexit.

Mr Davis said that the new legislation would give "direct effect" to the rights of EU citizens' in law, and acknowledged that it could be amended by MPs. However said that if the Commons votes against the bill the UK will leave without a deal.

So the issue before MPs is a deal or no deal. Many Tory EU sceptics along with major British companies like Dyson would prefer the WTO (World Trade Organisation) option where we can walk away without paying anything to the EU. 

British business just want to know so they can plan ahead, which ever option we go for, but to agree to pay the EU billions of pounds before we know what trade deal we are getting is absurd. 

Posted by David Pilkington

Extract from telegraph.co.uk 

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