David Cameron promises that Sunday Schools will not be inspected

Created on: 20th January 2016

David Cameron has promised MP's that Sunday Schools, Scouts' meetings and Christian summer camps will not be allowed to be raided. His statement came after grave concern was raised about the new measures to crackdown on extremists which was said to include the regulation of Christian groups.
Many argue that these groups could include those that believe in traditional marriage between a man and woman.  Sir Michael Wilshaw caused consternation when he said that he would use the powers to send Ofsted inspectors into Sunday Schools. He made the comments during a recent radio interview:  

“We need to know if a Sunday school is being run. Is it registered? Is it being run properly by people that have been through proper safeguarding checks.
“And if that is done, then we are happy with that, and we will only go in when we feel that there is a need to do so.”

Tory MP Gerald Howarch called for the resignation of Sir Wilshaw shortly afterwards. David Cameron has since written to the Tory MP explaining that  the government were not proposing to regulate institutions teaching children for a short period of time such as Sunday Schools and Scouts.
“The Government is not proposing to regulate institutions teaching children for a short period every week, such as Sunday schools or the Scouts."

“Nor will it apply to one-off residential activities, such as a week long summer camp. We are looking specifically at places where children receive intensive education outside schools, where children could be spending more than six to eight hours a week."

“The Government is working closely with the Church of England and other faith communities to ensure that the system is targeted, proportionate and focuses on those settings which are failing to safeguard and promote the welfare of children."
“Those discussions have been productive, and we have made clear the focus is on establishments that are preaching hatred or putting children at risk.”

Sir Gerald said that he welcomed Mr Cameron's comments, however he still has some reservations about the new measures:

“I welcome the Prime Minister’s clear statement which flatly contradicts last week’s dangerous comments by Sir Michael Wilshaw.
“However, there remains the risk that Government officials will have the power to define what constitutes ‘hateful and extremist views that undermine British values’.
“Some inspectors already appear to take the view that traditional church teaching that marriage can only be between a man and a woman is contrary to ‘British values’.”

Posted by Amanda Hopkins

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posted by john on 30-01-16

And do you believe him? if you do why? How has he protected marriage and the family, promoted Sunday, opposed abortion and euthanasia. His track record is not very good.

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