Britain's alcohols consumption worringly high

Created on: 18th May 2017

The World Health Organisation has released a new report on countries that consume the most alcohol and Britain is high up the list. The level of alcohol consumption in 2016 was 6.4 litres of pure alcohol per every person aged 15 years or older.

Britain doubled this figure with over 12.3 litres of alcohol lst year. The figures, taken from the World Health Organisation’s annual compilation of health statistics, show that only 11 other countries reported higher alcohol consumption than the UK. The 11 countries were Estonia, Ukraine, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Moldova, Belarus and Lithuania.

Lithuania is said to have the highest level of alcohold consumption internationally, with the average person over the age of 15 drinking 18.2 litres of alcohol during 2016. EU-funded report, released in 2014, claimed that Lithuania’s large alcohol consumption was linked to societal problems.

The report claimed: ‘Lithuania, like neighboring countries Latvia, Estonia and Poland, belong to the Nordic countries where 90 percent of beer is drunk at home, while in Greece, Ireland, Malta, Portugal and Spain more than 60 percent of beer is drunk in bars.

 ‘One of the reason why Lithuanians use such a big amount of alcohol is that the mental 

 health of society is really bad: people feel unhappy and they drink alcohol as the alternative to feel better.

‘Lithuanians, especially men, use alcohol as the way of relaxing – they believe that drinks help to forget routine.’

Emily Robinson, deputy chief executive of charity Alcohol Concern said:“It’s a tragedy for every one of us that the UK is wallowing amongst the worst 25 countries in the world for alcohol intake. Because of this lives are being needlessly lost and even more ruined by ill health.

“Sadder still is that the Government knows what needs to be done to turn this bleak picture around, yet it continues to ignore the evidence.”

The charity called on ministers to introduce minimum unit pricing and to crack down on alcohol advertising.

Posted by Amanda Hopkins


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posted by john on 30-05-17

Why do people feel that they have to drink so much or to excess? I understand some do it to relax, many as a social thing, to talk and have a drink. Could it be a means of stilling or seeking to fill the emptiness they have in themselves and their lives.

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