Are We Nothing but Poop on the Bottom of their Brown Berluti Brogues?

Created on: 9th February 2020

Some people are calling this new Corona virus a Frankenstein, a man-made nasty thing, an escaped or cunningly released Bio-Weapon that can mutate to become whatever it wants to be, indeed, some report that the Virus has so many ‘gain functions’ that it is spread very rapidly, indeed,  they also suggest that its self-replicating, self-sustained exponential growth makes it rapidly get very, very big if it's not stopped, and that makes it so bad, that this is the reason it is causing a sometimes ‘hysteric’ response by governments. Tick-Tock. Time will tell. 

Has President Trump Been Lied To?

Apparently, just yesterday, President Trump announced through his chief science advisor who heads up major federal agencies,  that they are investigating the 2019 Chinese Coronavirus as a manmade biological weapon. Indeed, they apparently also called for other scientific institutes and the general scientific community as well as governments and the media to look into that. And that's what you do when you really want the truth. You call for a manhunt, you call for an all-points bulletin, you call for the scientific community to take action.

This Sunday in the UK, the latest coronavirus developments make many of the front pages.

"UK faces major outbreak" is the headline in the Sunday Times.

It reports that top microbiologist, Prof Peter Piot, has warned the virus could be more deadly than ebola. He tells the paper he is increasingly alarmed by the speed that it is spreading, and that dealing with the virus could overwhelm the NHS.

The paper's Asia correspondent provides insight into how "heroic" doctors in Wuhan are working in grim conditions. Some have been wearing nappies to avoid bathroom breaks which would risk infection, while others are going without protective suits because of a shortage of supplies.

The Observer's coverage focuses on the Britons infected in the Alps and on the "final flight" returning Britons from Wuhan to the UK. Anyone on board with symptoms will be taken to hospital for treatment, it says - the rest will be quarantined for a fortnight, near Milton Keynes.

The Sunday Express warns that fears of a possible pandemic are increasing and that as one expert, Prof Robert Dingwall, puts it: "The genie has escaped from the bottle."

Prof Hugh Pennington tells the paper the government should be modifying plans for any pandemic on a daily basis.

Whatever the true, whatever the real figures of infection and consequent mortality rates are, my suspicion is that this virus might just change the world, and be lauded by the left for so doing. 

By the way, is Prince Phillip dead yet? I am just asking, just wondering, because after all, it was in 1988 that he stated 

“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.” 

Yes, indeed, and don’t you forget it, the elite count YOU as nothing but poop on their shoe. 


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