Archbishop of Canterbury tells Remainers to stop whingeing about Brexit and respect democracy

Created on: 2nd September 2019

It is about time the Leader of the Church of England made this statement, although it is three years too late. The Archbishop claimed that pro-EU voters had to “take seriously the fact that the majority voted to leave”. He added that “we may not like it, but that is democracy”.

According to the Church Times, Archbishop Welby had been ready to chair a ‘citizens forum’, which had the aim to help avoid a no deal Brexit.

But the move sparked a furious backlash from Brexiter’s, with Mark Francois saying his role would see him lecture people “about why we should overturn their democratic decision”.

It also takes away the only bargaining tool to bring the EU leaders to the table, so the UK can get a deal that is not tied to the Custom Union or Single Market. Both of these were in play with Theresa May`s deal which failed three times.

In the article, he said: “We have to take seriously the fact that the majority voted Leave. We may not like it, but that is democracy; and that means we have to stop whingeing about it and do something about reuniting the country.”

He had been speaking at the Greenbelt faith and arts festival.
Archbishop Welby told supporters that he felt the Church of England could heal the divide between Remain and Leave. He warned that the country must come together behind a “vision for this country that is outward-looking, is done top-down, middle-out and bottom-up.

He added: “The Church is one of those institutions that can do that. “Do I know how we move forward? No, I don’t, but I’m a democrat and I’m sticking to it.”

His comments after it emerged that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will sack and deselect Conservative MPs who rebel and try and halt his push for a no deal Brexit.

According to The Sun, any Tory rebel will also be barred from standing again for the party at the next general election.

Reports suggests Mr Johnson has planned the move ahead of potential plots to stop him trying to get a no deal over the line.

Some within the party are angry at Mr Johnson for proroguing Parliament in a bid to resolve the longstanding Brexit issue.
He hopes that by issuing the stunning ultimatum it could persuade possible rebels not to vote against his plan.

This means the likes of Remainer and former Chancellor Philip Hammond could have his career stopped if he decides to lead a Parliamentary rebellion.

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