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Winter is coming on the Prairie, and on this not so United Kingdom. As the first ministers of the four contents, brag to Boris about the size of their powers, Britain is breaking apart. Is there anything we can do?



Autumn leaves and winds are blowing across the prairie. It is a kind of golden glow before the temperature nosedives and the snow begin, and with it, comes the tendency is to try to ignore the ‘big cold’ that we know is just over the horizon.  Today was pleasantly warm and I busied myself putting away Bar B Q grills and hosepipes and other things that need to be gone before two feet of snow covers the garden, and all the signs of summer happiness.


Actually, I am in a kind of torpor of denial, somewhat like the slow moving, last of summer, flies that we still have lingering on. I am kind of reluctant to move, yet I know I can’t hold the season back and more importantly I remember that it is lots easier to do these jobs while it is still relatively warm outside. Thus I pushed myself like the proverbial schoolboy trudging reluctantly onward.



It is more than winter I am trying to ignore, it is the whole uncertainty of my world. I listened to a Public Health Insider today. His voice had been digitally disguised to protect his identity, but what he had to say only served to confirm some of my deepest concerns. He described the serious task of public health and how this very small cog, in the grander scheme of things, has worked for years, out of the limelight, to monitor infectious diseases. He went on to describe the motivations that took him into this field and how he now see’s something that is barely worse than the flu categorized as a notifiable disease, wrongly, he thinks.


He went on to describe the task of the so called contact tracers. As he spoke I started to feel increasingly hopeless about the return to any kind of normalcy. It is not just the contact tracers and their intrusion into our lives, which is quite unprecedented. I mean, if there was a real public health threat from a disease like smallpox or ebola a person could understand the need for public health officials to try and trace the contagion, but we have lived with flu for years and have managed to make decisions about when to stay home and when to go to work without too much trouble.


We have accepted that sadly, for the elderly or vulnerable, flu can be a killer and we have taken the precautions we deemed necessary. But this horrible future of contact tracing via people and phone apps is going to be with us for years to come he says!


This man went on to describe the new wave of contact tracers who have been recruited and how they are eminently more professional and thus more “pushy” than the ones who were first put on-the-job in March.



I pondered the concept of big brother and wondered, where can one go to escape the madness? I remember my visits to former communist countries in the years soon after they emerged from the dark cloud under which they endured for so long. I heard first hand the tales of how citizens were encouraged to spy upon one another and I see the same things beginning to happen here. I see how fear, fear of disease and fear of punishment, is being weaponized to provoke this kind of tattling. Recently a friend of mine travelled on a school bus, it later emerged that another person on that bus had tested positive for the Covid. Immediately my friend was pressured to quarantine. Later another person said to me, “He’s been exposed you know, did he get tested?” 


The Public Health Insider I listened to today raised the whole question of the unreliability of the tests. The reason for all the tests was initially said to be to do with asymptomatic carriers, but just recently the World Health Organization said transmission by people who never developed symptoms was “very rare”


So now they have us spying on one another, looking suspiciously at others, in case they have the dreaded Covid. Did we do that over the flu? And who dares to admit having the flu or a cold anymore in case one is accused of having the Covid?


Therefore, a person who is not feeling well has two choices; either go and get tested and risk the false positives, being entered into a contact tracing database to be questioned about who, what and where they have been, and quarantine for 14 days, or stay home, lie low and tell nobody nuthin’ and wonder darkly if one has the dreaded lergy!




Recently North Dakota amended a state health order making failure to quarantine a Class B Misdemeanour for individuals identified by the North Dakota Department of Health as having been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual. This is to criminalize failure to follow public health orders with a penalty of up to 30 days in jail. Fortunately for us the Governor came under such pressure that he rescinded the order two days later.


In the UK new crackdowns are already being handed down. Writing in The Telegraph, Allison Pearson asks;


“Why would ministers and scientific advisers scare us, as they did this week, with the threat of putting the Nightingales on red alert, as though waving some ghoulish shroud at Hallowe’en.” 


The Public Health Insider I mentioned earlier, noted his own view that this whole thing has become politicized and that the science does not support these extreme measures.


Pearson says she is


“sick of the Sage scaremongers who now accuse the Government of acting too late and failing to impose a “circuit breaker” of stricter measures three week ago.”



I was feeling pretty sick myself, mentally anyway,  but my day ended well when I got an email from Brian Rose saying he was going to run for Mayor of London. It was the best news I have heard all day! Why, you ask? After all I don’t live in London. No, I don’t, but I have been listening to Brian Rose on London Real for months now. He doesn’t buy the bag of lies we have been sold about Covid and he wants to put London back to work. Good for him, I salute him! Here in North Dakota it was fear of losing the election, due in just under a month, that backed the Governor down over his new regulations and that gave me hope! This is the hope; that if enough of us push back against the madness, maybe, just maybe, we can back these politicians down and we can save ourselves from a future that promises to be far worse than communism! 



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